Can Leader lines be horizontal?

Can Leader lines be horizontal?

Can Leader lines be horizontal?

Never draw leader lines entirely horizontal or vertical.

What is a leader line in drawing?

A leader line is a line that establishes a connection between a graphical representation of an item and some text. A leader points to a bit of our drawing and says: 'Oi – Look Here' and 'Read This!

Can Leader lines cross dimension lines?

When extension lines cross other extension lines or visible object lines, no break in either line should be made. ... Leaders for notes should be straight lines (not curved), drawn at an angle, and aimed towards the center (but stopping at the edge of the circle) in the circular views of holes whenever possible.

What is a leader or pointer line?

(vi) Leader Lines – A leader or a pointer is a thin continuous line connecting a note or a dimension figure with the feature to which it applies. One end of the leader terminates either in an arrowhead or a dot. The arrowhead touches the outline, while the dot is placed within the outline of the Outline object.

What is the leader line?

A leader is a length of line attached on one end to the eye of a lure or hook, and the other end is attached to the main line on a reel. The two lines are usually connected by tying the two pieces together with a knot or tying each line to the separate ends of a swivel.

What type of line should you avoid dimensioning to?

Dimension lines should not cross, if avoidable. Dimension lines and extension lines should not cross, if avoidable. Extension lines may cross each other. When extension lines cross extension lines or visible lines, no break in either should be made.

What are the three recommended angles for a leader line?

16. Leaders for notes should be straight, not curved, and point to the center of circular views of holes wherever possible. Leaders should slope at 45°, 30° or 60° with horizontal but may be made at any convenient angle except vertical or horizontal.

Is it okay to dimension hidden lines?

Dimensioning to hidden lines should be avoided wherever possible. ... Dimensions should not be placed on a view unless clarity is promoted and long extension lines are avoided. 9. Longer dimensions should be placed outside all intermediate dimensions so that dimension lines will not cross extension lines.

What does a hidden line look like?

A hidden line, also known as a hidden object line is a medium weight line, made of short dashes about 1/8” long with 1/16”gaps, to show edges, surfaces and corners which cannot be seen.

How heavy should Leader line?

What Weight of Leader Line to use? First and foremost, the rule is to use a leader line weight less than (weaker) the mainline. For example, if your using a 15# monofilament mainline, you'll likely need a

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