Do light colored shingles make a difference?

Do light colored shingles make a difference?

Do light colored shingles make a difference?

Lighter materials don't absorb sunlight as easily as dark shingles. Instead, they reflect that light back into the sky. This helps the shingles last longer and helps keep houses cool during hot summer weather. As a result, homeowners with light shingles can save money over time on their energy bills.

Do darker shingles attract more heat?

Black and dark-colored roofs. In general, dark-colored roofing materials will absorb the heat and cause your attic and/or the top of your house to be warmer than a lighter colored material.

Are dark shingles bad?

To put it simply, yes. Darker colors (especially when the material is asphalt) are going to easily absorb heat when it is consistently exposed to the sun without any shield from it. In the summer months, this is one of the factors that drives up energy costs.

Does a black roof fade?

It cannot withstand very heavy winds, and darker asphalt shingles are prone to fading in direct sunlight. Dark shingles usually show more fading than light shingles, and a house that's directly exposed to the sun will fade than a shaded one. ...

Which is better a light shingle or a dark shingle roof?

Interestingly enough, during the evening, the darker shingled roofs tend to lose heat faster than lighter shingled roofs. A dark roof raises the temperature inside your home’s highest rooms. However during the winter, the opposite holds true.

What are the benefits of black roof shingles?

Black roof shingles do an excellent job of absorbing the heat from the sun each day. Even the thermal energy with cloudy skies gets picked up with this installation. That means you can circulate more natural heat from your attic or ceiling to the living areas of your home in the winter to reduce your bills.

Is it better to have black shingles in summer or winter?

Winter days are much shorter than summer days, so the benefits of having black shingles wouldn’t last for very long. The sun is lower in the winter, which means your roof isn’t getting the direct sunlight it gets in the summers, which means that even with black shingles, you wouldn’t be absorbing that much heat.

Why do light colored shingles last the longest?

Opinion is mixed about color affecting shingle longevity, but unanimous about the importance of good ventilation under the shingles. Lighter-colored shingles reflect more light and stay cooler in sunlight. And lighter-colored roof shingles help keep attic temperatures —and your air conditioning bill —down.

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