Can you ride a motorcycle with LED lights?

Can you ride a motorcycle with LED lights?

Can you ride a motorcycle with LED lights?

Motorcycle LED Light Laws Across All 50 States. ... As a general principle, LEDs are legal so long as they remain concealed and unlit on roads and do not flash or include the colors red or blue for obvious reasons.

Are LED lights legal in PA?

In addition to at least two headlights and two tail lights, vehicles in Pennsylvania are allowed to have additional lighting including fog lights (see below). ... Auxiliary lighting may be added to a motorcycle including blue dot illumination, standard bulb running lights and LED pods and strips.

Will LED headlights pass PA inspection?

House Bill 190 would clarify that a vehicle is considered to pass Pennsylvania's vehicle safety inspection if more than 50% of the vehicle's LED's in the headlamps or rear lighting are operational. Therefore, if less than 50% are operational, the vehicle is recognized as failed under their safety inspection.

Are LED valve caps illegal?

Yes. LED headlamps are legal in California and pretty much every other state. The issue isn't whether the light is generated by an LED or bulb.

Is it illegal in PA to drive barefoot?

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a federal or state law that prohibits a person from driving barefoot. ... The Pennsylvania careless driving statute may also apply in cases involving accidents caused by a barefoot driver.

Is it illegal to have colored headlights in Pennsylvania?

This law means that any screen, cover or device that changes the color of a headlight beam or obstructs it is illegal in Pennsylvania. This law only applies to vehicles operated on the streets and highways, including freeways, in Pennsylvania.

What are the laws on LED lights on a motorcycle?

Because the laws on LEDs vary significantly by state, riders looking to add colorful lights should first check under the unlawful vehicle modification laws of their specific state to elude potential penalties. So let’s jump right in on a quick rundown by state: Alabama

Where can I find the Pennsylvania headlight law?

Pennsylvania headlight law The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, available at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website,, and the Pennsylvania Code ( include the following provisions on the use of headlights on a vehicle. Motorcycles, emergency vehicles and agriculutral equipment have different regulations.

Is it legal to have LED lights on a motorcycle in Kentucky?

The state of Kentucky currently doesn’t have a code or law referring to aftermarket lighting on a motorcycle with the exception of flashing lights which are permitted to warn others of traffic hazards, but not for decoration purposes.

Is it illegal to have blue LED lights on a motorcycle in Georgia?

It is unlawful to operate a motorcycle equipped with a device capable of producing any blue lights. In other words: Blue LEDs are a No Go in Georgia. Any other color should be ok but that is what common sense tells me because the way the law is written.

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