What are remote classes PCC?

What are remote classes PCC?

What are remote classes PCC?

Remote classes require students to be online at a specific day and time listed for participating in class activities, such as lectures or group work. Class generally takes place over Zoom sessions. Classes may have assignments which need to be completed online and outside of the regular class meeting times.

How do online classes work PCC?

Your instructor will assess your attendance and participation in an online class in the same way they do in a face-to-face course; you need to be present on a regular basis, you need to contribute frequently, and your contributions should add substance to class interactions.

What online platform does PCC use?

Online and hybrid classes at PCC use what is called a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is an online platform that you access online. It's a self-contained system where your instructors can post their course materials, assignments, and announcements. Currently the LMS at PCC is CANVAS.

Are PCC classes free?

Under the program, students who meet eligibility requirements will receive one year of their PCC education completely free of tuition fees. Any student who graduates from a high school within PCC's district and enrolls the Fall Semester after graduation will qualify for the program.

How many PCC campuses are there?

Locations and maps Four comprehensive campuses, ten centers, and dozens of independent locations throughout the community offer courses and provide student services.

How do I register for online classes at PCC?

Registering for classes at PCC is done online - here's how:

  1. Log in. Log in to MyPCC. ...
  2. Term-to-term checklist. On the MyPCC Home tab, and click Register for classes in the Term-to-Term Checklist.
  3. Look up your classes. ...
  4. Choose the subject area. ...
  5. View sections. ...
  6. Check for available seats. ...
  7. Register for the class! ...
  8. Check your status.

What are Web classes?

An online class is a course conducted over the Internet. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor.

How do I access my PCC email?

Every PCC student has a PCC email account that includes “@pcc.edu” in the address. To log in to your email, visit MyPCC and click the email icon in the upper right corner. Call the PCC IT Service Desk at 971-722-4400, option 1 if you need assistance obtaining your username and password.

How many classes is full time at PCC?

12 credits Full time: 12 credits. Three-quarters time: 9 to 11 credits. Half time: 6 to 8 credits.

How much does a term at PCC cost?

half time student (6 credits): about $1000 per term. full time student (12 credits): about $2000 per term.

How to register for online classes at PCC?

See when classes begin on the academic calendar. Complete the online PCC admissions form. All new students must complete the New Student Orientation before registration. You can complete the orientation online. Before you can register for your first online class at PCC, you must complete the Start Guide for Online Learning.

How does online learning at PCC benefit students?

Online learning provides students with an independent environment and the ability to take classes off campus. Through the use of modern media, students can receive weekly lessons, complete assignments, and communicate in a virtual classroom setting.

How can I help a new PCC student?

Financial help is available, but you have to start early. New students are required to meet with an advisor to plan your first term. Students taking only online courses can get advising assistance from our Online Advising Center. Register for classes online in MyPCC.

Do you have to pay for PCC Ed2Go classes?

Most classes are designed for structured group learning through modules and moderated discussions. Students must register and pay through PCC’s Ed2Go website. Payment is required in order to complete registration. Senior tuition discount does not apply to the tuition of Ed2Go classes.

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