What color LED lights are bad for your eyes?

What color LED lights are bad for your eyes?

What color LED lights are bad for your eyes?

Excessive exposure to blue light from sources, like smartphones, tablets and some LED lighting, has also been shown to cause damage according to the American Optometric Association.

Which is better 5000K or 6000K LED lights?

The warmer color lights are known to reduce eye strain and fatigue. They also have the least interference with you body’s ability to create Melatonin, the substance that helps you sleep. 5700K and 6000K LED lights may look cool, but this light is too blue and cause irritation to the eyes.

Are there any LED lights that are bad for Your Eyes?

The same goes for all-white lights that emit a cooler white light (5000 Kelvin and higher). The type and amount of harm an LED light can cause depends on the color and the intensity. Any powerful light can hurt our eyes if we stare directly at it, but that is an easy enough thing to avoid.

Can a LED grow light harm your vision?

With that, let's answer the question that brought you here. Do LED grow lights harm your vision? Yes, LED grow lights can damage your eyes. Whether this is something you need to be concerned about depends on the type of light, the intensity and the duration of exposure. More details below. What Types Of Light Can Cause Us Harm?

Are there any grow lights that are harmful to humans?

Reddish grow lights, like HPS, only contains small amounts. Bluer lights, like Metal Halide or fluorescent, contain much more. LED grow lights are a little more complicated. Are LED Grow Lights Harmful To Humans? It depends. LED plant lights with a lot of blue and UV diodes can be harmful.

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