What kind of maintenance is required on a log home?

What kind of maintenance is required on a log home?

What kind of maintenance is required on a log home?

If you own a Gastineau Pine log home, we recommend that you apply Borates on the exterior of the logs every two years in addition to cosmetic treatment. The exterior stain will maintain a fresh wood look on the logs for many years. The other aspect of exterior maintenance is caulking the horizontal joints.

How often does a log home need to be sealed?

How often should I reseal my log home? The short answer is usually every 3-5 years but this can vary due to many factors.

What kind of maintenance should I do on my log house?

A little care and maintenance along with the use of quality products designed specifically for log homes will not only keep your home looking great, but will also preserve the integrity of the logs and help prevent costly repairs. You can do no better than selecting any of Perma-Chink Systems Family of Log Home Products.

Is it necessary to maintain a log cabin?

Whilst log cabin maintenance can depend upon site location, design prudence, maintenance and environmental factors; one thing is for sure, routine log home maintenance is an often-neglected step for ensuring the longevity of your home.

How often should I wash my log home?

All homes require some exterior care and maintenance, but log homes require a bit more than usual. Once a year, the home's exterior should be washed to remove pollen, insect debris and other dirt.

What are the disadvantages of living in a log house?

You'll need to be aware of these pests and others, such as woodpeckers, and look for signs of them frequently so you can stop small problems before they become large ones. Thanks to borate and other treatments, insect problems in log homes are not as bad as they once were, but issues still arise.

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