What is difference between embassy and consulate?

What is difference between embassy and consulate?

What is difference between embassy and consulate?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission generally located in the capital city of another country which offers a full range of services, including consular services. ... A consulate is a diplomatic mission that is similar to a consulate general, but may not provide a full range of services.

What is a high commission vs embassy?

Embassies are diplomatic missions sent to non-Commonwealth countries. High Commissions are diplomatic missions sent to Commonwealth countries. The “head of mission” at an embassy is called an Ambassadors. At a High Commission, the head of mission is called a High Commissioner.

What does a consulate do?

Consulates provide passport, birth registration and many others services for visiting or resident American citizens in a country. They also have consular sections which issue visas for foreign citizens to visit, study and work in the United States.

What are consulates and embassies?

From a traveller's perspective, there isn't much difference between an embassy, a consulate and a high commission. An embassy is the base for a country's diplomatic mission abroad – meaning all of the political, cultural and social relationships between the states. ... A consulate is where consular services are performed.

What are the similarities and differences between an embassy and a consulate?

Embassy and consulate refer to government representations in a foreign country. A country will have only one Embassy in another nation whereas it will have a number of consulates in various cities. An embassy is the larger representation, but a consulate is only a smaller version of the embassy.

Can an embassy protect you?

In extreme or exceptional circumstances, U.S. embassies and consulates can offer alternative forms of protection, including (in most countries) temporary refuge, a referral to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, or a request for parole to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

What is a high commission Meaning?

1 : a group of persons delegated supreme authority and responsibility for the performance of some duty or the execution of some trust the Allied High Commission for Germany.

What can the embassy do for you?

These services include renewing passports; replacing lost or stolen passports; providing aid in obtaining medical and legal assistance; notarizing documents;assisting with tax returns and absentee voting; making arrangements in the event of death; registering births to nationals abroad; certifying– but not performing ...

How much do embassy workers get paid?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related American Embassy Jobs in the U.S.
Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Embassy Suite$79,916$6,660
Embassy Group$70,059$5,838
Embassy Suite Hotel$68,174$5,681
Embassy Driver$60,798$5,066

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