Are log homes a lot of maintenance?

Are log homes a lot of maintenance?

Are log homes a lot of maintenance?

Cost of Log Cabin Maintenance Maintaining a log home should be a bi-annual activity, specifically during spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces the damage from UV, water, insects, and air infiltration.

How hard is it to maintain a log home?

Log homes are not difficult to maintain. There are 2 main areas of concern when maintaining a log home. The logs and the space between the logs. The maintenance required includes staining and chinking.

How long do residential log cabins last?

One of the most important things to know about log cabin is its capacity to last for decades. With proper maintenance and treatment, a log house could last for over a hundred years given the evidence of century-old log houses and wooden structures all over Europe, where the first log homes originated.

Are there any negatives to building a log cabin?

So to help you make a well thought out choice for your home construction, here is a realistic list of the negatives to building and owning a log cabin or log home: After taking all of the above into mind, I have to say that having a log home may not be maintenance free, but it is still a romantic choice.

What kind of maintenance should I do on my log cabin?

Depending on the age and location of your cabin, it may require maintenance often than others. The most important part of maintaining your log cabin is inspection. You should be constantly inspecting your cabin for signs of mould, bugs, gaps, cracks and holes.

What's the most common myth about log home maintenance?

Ten of the most common log home maintenance myths debunked. Applying stain to a log home: stains are important for combatting moisture, insects, fungi and UV Rays. You’re probably aware of the concerns some people have about log home maintenance.

What are the benefits of a log home?

LOL One of the main benefits of a log home is that it is eco friendly. It is very quick to heat up compared to a bricks and mortar home. help. I learned a lot about log homes by reading this article.

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