Will fans be allowed at Mariners games?

Will fans be allowed at Mariners games?

Will fans be allowed at Mariners games?

SEATTLE - The Seattle Mariners said beginning Monday that fully vaccinated fans will no longer need to wear masks while attending games at T-Mobile Park. Fans who show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will get a wristband when entering the park through the Center Field or Right Field gates.

Will the Mariners allow fans in 2021?

2021 COVID-19 Fan Guidelines | Seattle Mariners. T-Mobile Park has returned to 100% seating capacity without health restrictions.

Can kids go to Mariners game?

Kids Play Area Check out the Kids Corner in the 300 level (located behind Section 328) for a free timed run, pitching and hitting challenges, photo opportunities and more for kids 14 & under.

How many fans are the Mariners allowing?

Mariners to allow nearly 31,000 mostly vaccinated fans at T-Mobile Park starting June 14.

Do kids get in free for baseball games?

What age do children require a ticket for admission into the ballpark? Children 3 and under can enter the stadium free. However, they must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult and are not eligible to receive any promotional giveaways. Can I purchase additional tickets?

How many fans does Wrigley Field allow?

The city of Chicago is allowing the Cubs to increase their capacity to 60%, starting with this weekend's series against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs previously allowed a little more than 11,000 fans to meet the 25% capacity limit because of COVID-19 precautions. They are selling tickets in pods of up to six people.

Does MLB have clear bag policy?

How many bags can each person bring into the stadium? Each ticket holder can bring in one large clear bag, either a one gallon Ziploc-style bag or the 12" by 6″ by 12″ clear bag, plus a small clutch. The larger clearbag must be a standard 12″ by 6″ by 12″ bag made of clear PVC vinyl and is easily searched.

Can you bring a blanket to a baseball game?

Q: Can blankets be carried into the stadium? A: Guests may bring blankets; however, they must be carried over the shoulder and are subject to inspection. Q: What happens if I show up to the stadium with an unapproved bag? A: Guests carrying unapproved bags will be asked to return them to their vehicle.

Are there health screening for Seattle Mariners fans?

The health and safety of our fans, employees and players is the Seattle Mariners top priority. We are committed to all necessary actions to ensure that T-Mobile Park meets or exceeds all industry best practices in response to COVID-19. Are temperature checks or other health screening measures required before entering T-Mobile Park?

Do you have to wear mask at Seattle Mariners game?

The Mariners strongly encourage fans to consider wearing multi-layer masks or two masks at the same time as is a recommended best practice against spreading or contracting the emerging strains of COVID-19 that are more easily transmitted. While at T-Mobile Park, masks may only be removed while actively eating and drinking in your ticketed seat.

How many seats are there for the Seattle Mariners?

With limited capacity, tickets are only offered in groups of 1-6 seats. In order to maintain the integrity of the single-household pods, buyers are required to purchase all tickets available in a particular pod (from 1-6, depending on location).

Where can I buy Seattle Mariners digital tickets?

While under COVID restrictions, tickets for games at T-Mobile Park will be digital only, available through the Ballpark app or the Ticketmaster app. Both are available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Digital tickets will reduce contact and opportunities for cross contamination between fans and staff.

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