Who are the Nighthaunt?

Who are the Nighthaunt?

Who are the Nighthaunt?

A Nighthaunt is an immaterial form of Undead called a gheist or wraith. It is the spiritual remains of a once-living mortal that has become afflicted by a magical curse that leaves it so twisted by the pain, bitterness or regret they suffered in life that they now seek only to spread this darkness to others.

Can Nighthaunt use mortis engine?

Alternatively if Nighthaunt is your main faction you can use that Battalion, but you cannot use the Mortis Engine, as Nighthaunt cant ally it in (Nighthaunt can only have Soulblight or Deathlord units as allies, and the Mortis Engine is neither).

Who leads the Nighthaunt?

At the top of the hierarchy of the Nighthaunt lies Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief, who leads her own army in the most dire of campaigns - often accompanied by her spectral consort, Kurdoss Valentian.

How many points is a Mortis Engine?

Mortis Engine is a behemoth of 180 points, while the Coven Throne and the Bloodseeker Palanquin are both Leader Behemoth for 260 and 300 points respectively.

Are Nighthaunt good?

Nighthaunt are a swift shock army that can control the board with a solid line or sweep across their foes in a flurry of spectral weapons. They can be molded to fit several playstyles, have a mix of powerful combat and support heroes, and as Death can even return from the dead.

Is Nighthaunt a horde army?

Numbers – Nighthaunts are a bit of a horde army, you can field large units with your 10 bravery and cheap units. ... Many Character Options – This book has a lot of characters which can drastically influence your army composition.

What does mortis engine do?

The Mortis Engine is the premier version of the Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone). It regenerates nearby allies, provides a bonus to Magic recharge, and drains the life of enemies. ... As such, this unit is an incredibly big target and will be destroyed first if an enemy has artillery/missiles or manages to isolate it.

What is a Mourngul?

Mournguls are Malignants of the Nighthaunt armies. These soulsearing horrors are created from those driven to famine and pain by the cold of a mountain's winter, so starved they are they hunt down companions and friends for meat and warmth of their blood.

Are Nighthaunt any good?

In short, Nighthaunts are currently a better pick. For a while Legion of Grief was the new hotness but Nighthaunts have made a bit of a turnaround and show up more often. They're still not doing great mind you but at least for now it's the better option.

Are Hexwraiths good?

Hexwraiths are faster and are effectively 'strider' units, so they don't get slowed down. They're therefore very good at running down routers, more so then BKs and so can rack up more kills very fast that way. Being AP also helps, where BK's 'schtick' is that they're anti-large.

Are there nighthaunts in the age of myth?

Nighthaunts have haunted the Mortal Realms since the Age of Myth often seeking vengeance on the living themselves or serving more powerful entities such as Soulblight vampires. Occasional in this almost forgotten age, a host of Nighthaunts would arise and devour entire towns. [3b]

Can you break the curse of The nighthaunt?

The curse of the Nighthaunt cannot be easily broken. Even though the necromantic forces holding together the spectral bodies can be broken by sorcery or violence driven by sufficient willpower, over time their shattered essence reforms in the underworlds. Few weapons or spells in the mortal realms can destroy a Nighthaunt once and for all. [3a]

Who are the shroudguard Knights in nighthaunt?

Shroudguard are a type of Nighthaunt Malignants, usually Knights of the Shrouds frequently guarded by a bodyguard of Bladeghesit Revenants who are bound to their master or mistress by magical oaths. [3e] Ice cold fear heralds their arrival. Only ruined corpses mark their passing.

Who is the Emerald host of The nighthaunt?

The Emerald Host: Lady Olynder 's personal army, made up of souls who plotted against her in life. [6] At the top of the hierarchy of the Nighthaunt lies Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief, who leads her own army in the most dire of campaigns - often accompanied by her spectral consort, Kurdoss Valentian.

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