Is maple flooring out of style?

Is maple flooring out of style?

Is maple flooring out of style?

American maple hardwood flooring is a classic, and is a solid investment as it has great longevity – not just in actual terms because of its durability – but because it is a popular choice that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

Are there any maple floors in my house?

Yes, I have just moved into what was an elegant maple floors + maple wall-to-wall counters + dark granite countertop 1990s extravaganza.

What are the current trends in wood flooring?

This report covers all flooring surfaces including hardwood, carpet, tile, luxury vinyl and more. If you are specifically looking for hardwood flooring trends, check out this guide: Hardwood Flooring Trends which covers the trending stain colors, finishes and styles for wood flooring.

What's the most popular color of wood flooring?

Here are the most popular wood floor colors to stay trendy in 2021. “Oak Hardwood is still the king of kitchen flooring. The number one thing we are seeing is a throwback to lighter colored hardwood. Gone are the days of dark wood floors]

Which is the closest thing to natural hardwood flooring?

Homeowners are starting to note the kinds of materials they’re using and choosing their flooring accordingly. Engineered hardwood flooring is the closest thing you can get to natural, solid hardwood. You know, other than actual solid hardwood. It has a thin hardwood veneer layer on top of man-made materials like plywood or fiberboard.

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