Do Matchbox cars have any value?

Do Matchbox cars have any value?

Do Matchbox cars have any value?

The top 10 vehicles, by value, are: (1969) Rear-loading Volkswagen Microbus Beach Bomb (pink): $100,000 to $150,000. (1961) Magirus-Deutz Truck, Matchbox (tan/orange): $11,822. (1966) Opel Diplomat, Matchbox (sea foam green): $6,682. ... (1968) Mercury Station Wagon, Matchbox (yellow): $3,700.

Are 1980 Matchbox cars worth anything?

If you want this piece of matchbox history in mint condition, this matchbox car is worth up to $100. The shorter roofed version comes in at $50 with box included. While there are cars that are more valuable than these two versions, the value of the history far outweighs the dollars.

Which is more collectible Matchbox or Hotwheels?

As an adult collector, Matchbox is MUCH cheaper to collect vintage cars of than Hot Wheels. Even when buying new cars, Hot Wheels have so many more cars than matchbox, and the cooler stuff like car culture costs a mint.

Does Matchbox still make cars?

Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953, and is now owned by Mattel, Inc, which purchased the brand in 1997....Matchbox (brand)
Product typeDie-cast toy
Related brandsCorgi, Dinky, Hot Wheels, Husky, Lledo
Previous ownersTyco Toys Universal Toys Lesney Products

What is the difference between Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels cars?

Matchbox was around loooong before Hot Wheels and were originally manufactured by Lesney of England (I think I spelled it right). They mimicked actual vehicles of the day. They used to come in small individual boxes reminiscent of match boxes. Hot Wheels are made by Mattel and were designed to be, well, hot rods.

Are Matchbox cars collectible?

Hotwheels and Matchbox cars are very popular toys, and they can also make valuable collector's items. Matchbox and Hot Wheels gave children an early itch to being a car enthusiast. Hot Wheels hit the toy shelves in 1968, to compete with the already thriving Matchbox cars that were introduced to the world in 1953.

Which is more valuable a matchbox car with or without a box?

To every collector, Matchbox cars collectibles in their original boxes are always more valuable than those that had no boxes. A mint-in-box model can, in some cases, be worth up to 100% more than the mint model without a box, given that all other factors remain the same. Some boxes that were produced in lower quantities were even more prized.

Which is more collectible Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars?

In recent years Hot Wheels has been the collectible die-cast car. But it wasn’t always this way. We’re happy to see Matchbox cars making a comeback. Lesney Matchbox cars started the trend, and they are coming back to take over again. Much like Hot Wheels, many of them are still affordable — especially if you enjoy restoration.

Are there any collectors clubs for Matchbox cars?

Matchbox collectors’ clubs have sprung up all around the world – the major ones such as Matchbox Club, Matchbox Forum, Bay Area Matchbox Collectors Association, Regular Wheels, Matchbox USA, etc. have published books or established websites that describe the various Matchbox ranges and their estimated price values.

What makes a white enamel matchbox car so valuable?

What makes the white enamel version so valuable is because it was a prototype. According to The Gamer, white enamel is so rare as it was used as a prototype to spot imperfections. If you have one that isn’t in mint condition, you can still expect it to be worth at least $2,500.

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