Are Silva and Mercedes related?

Are Silva and Mercedes related?

Are Silva and Mercedes related?

Mercedes and Sylver grew up thinking they were second cousins. However, Sylver's mum Breda (Moya Brady) recently revealed she wasn't actually his biological mum. This means that Mercedes and Sylva aren't actually related, but they hooked up with each other before they knew that anyway.

Did Sylver really shoot Mercedes?

This leaves Breda scared and coming to the conclusion, along with Goldie, that Sylver did indeed shoot Mercedes however knowning Mercedes is lying, Grace points this out to both Breda and Goldie who still believe Mercedes over Sylver.

Why did Mercedes say Sylver shot her?

Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) was actually the one who put her husband behind bars weeks ago by blaming him for her shooting, solely as revenge for his affair with Grace Black (Tamara Wall).

How is Breda related to the Mcqueens?

Breda Mary McQueen was the mother of Goldie and Sylver McQueen. She worked as a nanny and was a strict Catholic woman. She was married to Vinnie, whom she murdered after he became abusive. She also nearly married Jack Osborne, but Breda jilted him on the day of their wedding.

How old is Mcqueen?

Mercedes celebrated her 24th birthday in Episode 1901, giving her a DOB of 3rd November 1982. However, she later celebrated her 30th birthday in Episode 3712, changing this to 15th October 1983.

How old is Romeo in Hollyoaks?

It was later confirmed that Romeo was sixteen years of age by August 2018 but again changed to 17 by November 2018 giving him a DOB of late 2001.

Did Sylver kill Breda?

Hollyoaks Soap Scoop! In Monday's instalment, Sylver worked out that the dollmaker was targeting him with the sin of wrath, having somehow found out that he'd killed Breda by jamming two knitting needles into her head!

Who did Mercedes sleep with HOLLYOAKS?

Sylver McQueen Mercedes never got along with her cousin Porsche McQueen and the two often played pranks on one another. Mercedes found love at a young age when she met a guy named Johnny. In 2000, before he was sentenced for murder, Mercedes slept with Sylver McQueen.

Does David Tag have a son?

HOLLYOAKS star David Tag and girlfriend Abi Harrison have named their first child Reuben. The couple, who welcomed their son into the world just four weeks ago, admitted they became “instantly” broody and are keen to add to their family at some point. David - who portrays Sylver McQueen in the Channel 4 soap - told OK!

Who are the 7 McQueen's?

Family Members

  • Sylver McQueen, son of Wes † and Harriet, adoptive son of Breda. Cher McQueen, daughter of Sylver and Kelly Winters.
  • Goldie McQueen, daughter of Breda and Vinnie. Prince McQueen, son of Goldie and Shane Sweeney, married Lily Drinkwell † (2018-2019). Hunter McQueen, son of Goldie and Shane Sweeney.

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