How can I make my bifold door more secure?

How can I make my bifold door more secure?

How can I make my bifold door more secure?

A simple zip-tie lock could be used if you have smaller children, as all you have to do is wrap the loops around each one of the knobs or handles on the door, then press the two loops together and zip them up. There are also more secure top mounting child locks available, which can lock both single and double doors.

Are Aluminium bifold doors better than uPVC?

Strength and Security Aluminium is stronger than uPVC, which allows it to support the glass even with thinner frames. Whilst both materials will keep your house secure, if you're looking for the strongest material available, aluminium is for you.

What is the best lock for a bifold door?

Locking systems The best types of bifold doors use a multipoint locking system as it provides up to five-times security as the standard single point lock.

What are the problems with bifold doors?

Although there can be errors with bifold doors such as:

  • being configured incorrectly.
  • trickle vents not being fitted.
  • wrong colour hardware.
  • wrong sizes or problems with the paint finish or the glass.

Are internal bifold doors a good idea?

Bifold doors are a simple yet brilliant space saving solution in many homes. Using bifolding doors adds a quick touch of modernisation, especially when used internally, and makes a great room divider whilst opening up your space at the same time.

Are bifold or sliding closet doors better?

Installed to fold back to one or both sides, bi-folding doors are a nice alternative to sliding doors because they give you access to the full width of your closet, and only take up half as much floor space as a swinging door.

Is the bifold door a good security measure?

Bifold doors are very secure but if you wish to take extra precautions we have included advice on the options available. It's true that alarm systems can be unruly, but they can be a necessary security measure if you really want to keep your home secure.

Which is the best material for external bifold doors?

The most common external bifold door materials for home use are wood and UPVC with double-glazed glass panels, as double-glazing is not just a choice, but a necessity in this day and age. UPVC is a lot cheaper and requires less maintenace, but wood and aluminium bifolds are more durable and longlasting.

Can a bifold door be opened without a key?

As long as the door is aligned properly, this will provide a secure closure that's extremely difficult to open without a key! As a further security measure, you could install security screen doors on your external bifold doors.

Where can I get white aluminium bifold doors?

You can order white aluminium bifold doors with rapid turnaround times – simply select ‘aluminium’ for the material in your search and start customising your bespoke bifold doors. In addition to supplying the products, we also carry out the initial survey and install your doors as well.

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