Which is best uPVC or aluminium sliding doors?

Which is best uPVC or aluminium sliding doors?

Which is best uPVC or aluminium sliding doors?

uPVC sliding doors are a more cost-effective solution than aluminium sliding doors. However, uPVC profiles aren't as robust and secure as aluminium doors, meaning you would potentially need to replace the doors a few years after installation.

What is the difference between aluminium and uPVC patio doors?

uPVC is a chunkier, thicker looking frame which reduces the glass area in the window or door. Aluminium will look sleeker and thinner and allow a greater area of glass, and therefore more light into the room.

How long do Aluminium doors last?

45 years Aluminium windows and doors are expected to have a life expectancy of 45 years, compared with uPVC frames which have a life expectancy of only 25-35 years depending on the level of maintenance given to the windows or doors.

Are Aluminium doors expensive?

Aluminium front doors are more of a premium product, so expect them to be more expensive than other front door options on the market. However, they may prove a worthwhile investment, as aluminium front doors have a far longer lifespan than the likes of their PVCu equivalents.

Which is best aluminium or uPVC windows?

Tip: Aluminium sections are thinner than uPVC and have a higher ratio of glass. Aluminium windows are resistant to rust, are weatherproof and do not swell or crack when exposed to heat.

Are aluminium sliding doors good?

Aluminium may offer a slim profile but cannot beat uPVC in terms of aesthetics. Sliding doors are not only lightweight and occupy less space, but they are also highly sturdy and durable. A great feature that adds to their durability is that they are waterproof as well.

Which is better aluminium doors or uPVC doors?

Aluminium doors are highly customizable and have an endless variety of custom colors. Typically powder coated or anodized, Aluminium will not rot or discolor quickly. Aluminium is the best conductor of heat and hence not as insulating. They are dependent on the glazing selected. Aluminium is far more expensive to manufacture than uPVC.

Which is better for a conservatory uPVC or aluminium?

If you want the widest possible choice of colours for your new windows, door or conservatory, aluminium is your best bet. Any RAL colour of your liking can be incorporated into an aluminium frame. Aluminium is more costly than UPVC, but this shouldn’t cause you to immediately rule it out.

Is it OK to use aluminium patio doors?

Modern uPVC and aluminium patio doors aren’t the only entrance you could add to your home. Firstly, you could decide to stick with your current back door. However, these old designs can decay quickly. If they have a timber frame, then the structure is prone to water ingress, which can cause natural cracks in the wood to expand.

How much does a uPVC patio door cost?

A uPVC design will cost around £950, which is a similar price to a French door. Because of this, you can pay up to 20% less than you would for an aluminium design. However, you’ll still get excellent insulation and weather protection, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

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