How do you clean Andersen 100 Series Single Hung?

How do you clean Andersen 100 Series Single Hung?

How do you clean Andersen 100 Series Single Hung?

Wash hardware using a mild detergent and water solution with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners, cloths, or brushes. Andersen offers hardware for 100 Series casement and awning windows that is specially designed to resist corrosion* in environments such as seacoasts and heavy-industrial areas.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

Your best bet is to plan your window replacement for a time of year when the weather will be warm, ideally in the spring or early summer.

What's the difference between Andersen 100 series Windows?

Most of the Fibrex material is regenerated, making it sustainable and earth friendly. It also reduces VOC emissions because there are no wood treatments or painting needed. Andersen’s Fibrex material is amazingly tough and will not fade, blister, peel, or flake. 100 Series Windows are highly durable, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

What kind of material are Andersen windows made out of?

The Andersen 100 Series Windows are the company’s line of budget-friendly, energy efficient windows. The 100 Series windows are made from Andersen’s patented Fibrex material which is made up of reclaimed wood fiber and PVC polymer.

What's the average price of an Andersen window?

You can get that particular part of the window repaired. The Series 100 range is an excellent example of how even a basic line can be of good-quality. For an average price of $238 per window, the Andersen 100 series offers excellent value for an average homeowner.

What makes the Andersen 400 series so good?

The Andersen 400 series are wood windows with a vinyl exterior. The high-quality of these windows comes from the wood, while the vinyl slows down the rotting. Although wood requires a bit of maintenance, if you take care of these windows properly, they’ll have a long lifespan.

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