Are the Alpha Legion loyal or traitor?

Are the Alpha Legion loyal or traitor?

Are the Alpha Legion loyal or traitor?

The rest of the Chaos forces are of course traitors. The other Marines that stayed loyal have been slowly bent and debased over 10,000 years by the ignorance and state religion of the modern Imperium. Only the Alpha Legion, and Guiliman, are left to be loyal to the true Imperial dream and the memory of Unification.

Is the Alpha Legion Chaos?

The Alpha Legion are, at least by appearances, a Chaos Legion who specialise in stealth and subterfuge. Since the days of the Horus Heresy, they have sown discord across the galaxy, instigating massive insurrections, using propaganda and sabotage by local populations to ready planets for conquest.

What Chaos God is Alpha Legion?

The Alpha Legion is the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legion about whom the least is known. The Alpha Legion was once the XXth Legion of Astartes created during the First Founding by the Emperor of Mankind to carry out His Great Crusade to reunite all of humanity in a new golden age under His rule.

Is the Alpha Legion corrupted by Chaos?

The Alpha Legion was confirmed to have fallen apart (or did it?) the moment Omegon went up to Horus and broke a dagger in front of him. So, the answer is yes. They're loyal, they're corrupted, they don't care.

Are Alpha Legion good?

The Alpha Legion have always been one of the more appealing factions in the Chaos Space Marine codex thanks to their strong legion trait, and they did well out of Faith and Fury too, leaving them with a lot to recommend them.

How do you paint Alpha Legion?

0:052:41How to Paint: Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion Armour - YouTubeYouTube

What God does Alpha Legion worship?

Simply saying that they worship the Chaos gods because their army is mentioned in the Chaos Space Marines codex is rather silly.

Are Alpha Legion any good?

Strengths. Strong Legion Trait: The Alpha Legion trait is a good one, and while there aren't that many units to stick it on, it does add value to a few choices from the roster.

Who is the oldest space marine?

Dante is the oldest living Space Marine in the Imperium (excluding Dreadnoughts) and is held in awe by leaders of other Chapters, who can remember him being a famous commander when they were in the Scout Company.

Does the Alpha Legion have 2 Primarchs?

The Alpha Legion's most closely guarded secret, unbeknownst to all but a few outside the legion, is that they had two primarchs; Alpharius and his twin Omegon (sometimes referred to collectively as just 'Alpharius Omegon').

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