Is it safe to buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators?

Is it safe to buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators?

Is it safe to buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators?

is it safe to buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators? CDC/ATSDR found that exposure to formaldehyde in the CPSC-tested laminate flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators® could cause irritation and breathing problems. However, you can take steps to reduce formaldehyde levels in your home.

What was the scandal with Lumber Liquidators?

Lumber Liquidators shares were slammed in March 2015 after a “60 Minutes” report alleged that Chinese-made laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators installed in many American homes contained far higher than accepted levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

What kind of flooring does Lumber Liquidators have?

Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate, Tile & Flooring Accessories.

Why did Lumber Liquidators change its name?

The name change comes after the Lumber Liquidators stocks slipped earlier this year, prompting analysts to suggest the company would benefit from a rebrand in the wake of the 2015 “60 Minutes” news story about heightened formaldehyde levels in its laminate imports from China.

What is the most affordable hardwood flooring?

Bamboo Flooring Bamboo has become one of the most popular choices for flooring because of its price and durability. This option is not only cheaper than hardwood, it's tough and can withstand a lot of abuse. Another benefit to bamboo flooring is that the planks look similar to hardwood.

Are there any health risks with Lumber Liquidators flooring?

The CDC now warning that some flooring poses a higher risk of cancer than previously thought. — -- A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put the spotlight again on some flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators due to potential health risks.

Is it safe to buy flooring from China?

The company came under fire last year after some of its products sourced from China were found to have elevated formaldehyde levels. But the CDC's new report on Monday suggests the risk may be higher than previously estimated.

What does Lumber Liquidators say about the CDC?

In a statement sent to ABC News, Lumber Liquidators said it supports the CDC findings but that the company thinks the new calculation "overestimates any potential health risks from these products, and we are encouraged that CDC is seeking a broader review of their conclusions."

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