Who kills Mike Delfino?

Who kills Mike Delfino?

Who kills Mike Delfino?

Making the fatal mistake of crossing Donny, an unruly and vengeful loan shark who harasses Renee, Mike is killed in a drive-by shooting by Donny himself in front of his home on Wisteria Lane, just seconds after expressing his love toward Susan.

Does Dave try to kill MJ?

Dave turns his rage to Susan and determines to kill Mike and Susan's son M.J. Delfino in revenge for Susan's killing his wife and daughter.

Does Mike die in Season 8 of Desperate Housewives?

Mike Delfino's Death (Season 8) Just when you thought vindication was near, the nice guy finishes last. Delfino was shot to death outside of the home he shared with Susan (Teri Hatcher).

Why did they kill Mike off of Desperate Housewives?

Why did you decide to kill Mike? Daily: I think we knew we wanted another blockbuster moment as we approached the end. ... It's easy to kill a character that the audience isn't quite so much in love with.

Did Tom really cheat on Lynette?

Later, he meets and works with rising company executive Lynette Lindquist, with whom he begins a love affair. ("Women and Death"). He cheats on Annabel with Lynette, leading to their marriage.

What is wrong with Dave Williams?

Dave does not make it to the funeral after he suffers a nervous breakdown and is put into a mental hostpital. ... Dave however changes his last name to Williams and moves back to Fairview. He eventually meets Edie Britt who happened to live on Wisteria Lane with the two people who killed his family.

What happened to Dave Williams Drowning Pool?

Contrary to speculation, Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams died from natural causes, according to a coroner's toxicology report. It was concluded last Friday that the 30-year-old singer died from cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle, the report said.

How did Mary Alice die on Desperate Housewives?

When Desperate Housewives begins, viewers learn that Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) ended her own life, and this is absolutely one of the most tragic deaths on the series. This death is the impetus for the story at large, forcing her best friends to look at their lives and what makes them happy.

How many charcters have been killed off on Desperate Housewives?

This is a list of all the charcters who have been killed off, organized into individual seasons.

How did Karl die on Desperate Housewives Season 6?

Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi) wasn't a likable character, and he dies in a wild way in the season 6 episode "If..." When a plane crashes into a home, he happens to be inside it and doesn't survive. Susan's ex-husband and the father of her child never treated her the way that he should have, but his death was still a little emotional.

Why did Glen die on Desperate Housewives series?

Lynette explains that her ex-stepdad Glen (Richard Chamberlain) has died, which was really tough for her. Lynette thought that her parents got divorced because Glen had an affair but he tells her that he is gay and that's the reason why the marriage broke up.

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