Is Julia Montague still alive bodyguard?

Is Julia Montague still alive bodyguard?

Is Julia Montague still alive bodyguard?

Bodyguard has been packed with twists and turns, but only one has left viewers truly reeling: the death of its leading character, Julia Montague. Played by Keeley Hawes, the fictional home secretary was the casualty of a bomb explosion, with Richard Madden's security guard unable to save her.

Who killed Montague in Bodyguard?

Nadia Ali The six-part Jed Mercurio political thriller concluded with a revelation about the fatal explosion which killed Keeley Hawes's character. It was revealed that Nadia Ali, the thwarted terrorist from the first episode, created the fatal bomb.

Will Julia Montague return?

Another bizarre theory posited that Bodyguard was based on Romeo and Juliet, and so Julia was faking her own death as Juliet did. "She's almost definitely still alive. It's like Shakespeare, but with a happy ending.

Does Julia Montague die?

Bodyguard fans were left devastated when Home Secretary Julia Montague, played by Keeley, died in a bomb explosion in episode four of the hit BBC drama. A terrorist attack killed her character as she made a speech which was thought to include a leadership bid.

Does David die in The Bodyguard?

BODYGUARD creator Jed Mercurio has revealed that he almost killed off David Budd in the hit series' final episode. The finale saw David, played by Richard Madden, get strapped into a bomb vest and forced to walk through the streets of London by gangsters working for crime boss Luke Aitkens.

Will there be a 2nd season of bodyguard?

Is there a season 2 of Bodyguard? Producer Simon Heath has said he is “confident” that season 2 will happen. He told Metro in March 2021: “Bodyguard is a big beast to put back together. I'm reasonably confident we will see it in due course.”

How did Julia Montague die in the bodyguard?

BODYGUARD fans were left reeling when Home Secretary Julia Montague died from her briefcase bomb blast injuries in Sunday’s episode of the TV drama. And now Jed Mercurio, who created the BBC1 thriller, has revealed that the lead character, played by Keeley Hawes, really has been killed off.

Is the actress who plays Julia in the bodyguard really dead?

The proof that the Bodyguard’s Julia Montague really IS dead as creator reveals why she had to die. THIS is the proof that the Bodyguard's Julia Montague really IS dead. Viewers of the hit BBC drama were left stunned last night after the Home Secretary - played by Keeley Hawes - succumbed to her injuries caused by the bomb blast the previous week.

Who are the actors in the TV show Bodyguard?

Starring Richard Madden as protection officer David Budd, opposite Keeley Hawes as Home Secretary Julia Montague, Bodyguard has proven to be a huge hit for the BBC, with social media full of questions that we all wanted answers to. Thankfully, the finale addressed nearly all of them, though that also meant there was a lot to take in.

Who was the Home Secretary that died in bodyguard?

Shocking death of Home Secretary Julia Montague in BBC drama Bodyguard raises 15 unanswered questions — and is she really dead? The explosive death of Keeley Hawes' character in Bodyguard left the show's 7million viewers reeling — wondering how the multiple mysteries can be resolved

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