Does Myntra have original brands?

Does Myntra have original brands?

Does Myntra have original brands?

Flipkart-owned online fashion store Myntra is increasing focus on its original fashion brands and introducing more such brands in the future. The company currently has eight original fashion brands – Roadster, Dressberry, Mast & Harbour, Anouk, SherSingh, Kook n Keech, ETC and Hrithik Roshan's casual wear brand HRX.

Can I trust Myntra?

Myntra is a fraud company I have been using Myntra for many years now & I have never faced any issues with service or quality of the product but in July I placed order during the Myntra sale, I ordered 7 items & all has been cancelled by Myntra.

Who is owner of Myntra?

Flipkart Myntra/Parent organizations Mukesh Bansal is considered the owner of Myntra after he launched Myntra in 2007 with Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena. Currently, Myntra is owned by Flipkart.

Is Myntra safe for online payment?

Online payments that are done on are being processed through CCAvenue, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and TechPro Instant Pay payment gateways, which provide secure encrypted connections for all the credit card, debit card and net banking transactions . So, you need not to worry about the online payment.

Does Myntra refund money?

Usually, Myntra provides 30 days to return the product. ... You must select the mode of refund. If you have made online payments, the amount will be credited back to the account from which you have made the payment. If you have paid cash on delivery, you must provide bank details to which the refund has to be credited.

Why does Myntra sell first copies of branded products?

Brands like Jabong and parent brand Myntra are offering discounts upto 50% because they are selling defective products. Each time you receive a product in a box other than the original brand pack, it is a returned product. Their probable business tactic also includes earning through the money of the customers they hold on to for so many days.

Is it safe to buy clothes from Myntra?

Myntra is my favourite website to shop clothes and accessories on. Since they don't allow any third party sellers it's very safe to buy from them. Myntra even gives us a guarantee that their products are original, something which no other eCommerce site has done yet. Outsourced sales & marketing solutions.

Are there any counterfeit Nike shoes on Myntra?

Upon the arrival of the shoe,I was shocked to see the quality of the shoe. Shoe were of duplicate quality and it was written 'sport' inside the shoe sole instead of Nike. It was my first bad experience with Myntra. I personally feel that one should be careful while buying products in myntra during the sale.

Is there a connection between Myntra and UCB?

It is impossible that myntra would sell duplicate products under UCB brand name. There has to be some connection between UCB and Myntra. There has to be some stock made only for online portals like myntra. Also, it can’t be denied that myntra would only have encouraged them to make such low grade products.

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