Does Odo get his shapeshifting back?

Does Odo get his shapeshifting back?

Does Odo get his shapeshifting back?

Odo regains his shapeshifting abilities at the end of the episode, having previously had them removed by the Founders in "Broken Link". When Odo morphs from a solid to a bird his uniform is seen left behind on the floor, acknowledging the fact that as a solid he was forced to wear real clothes.

Does Odo get cured?

Odo is cured Bashir wakes up (for real, this time) in science lab four with Sisko, Ezri, and attending medical staff.

Does Otto ever become a changeling again?

Bashir and Mora are unable to save the infant. Odo pours the child into his hands and asks it not to die. But then the changeling absorbs itself into Odo's body—and then suddenly he finds that he can change shape again. The infant's final act was to make Odo a changeling again.

Why did they make Odo human?

The Founders had intimate knowledge of Bajorans, as the female Changeling turned herself into a perfect replica of Kira. Odo's crime was choosing the enemy over his own people. Humans are the most representative species among their enemies. Perhaps that is why they chose a human form for him.

How did Odo get the virus?

The first draft script of "When It Rains..." established how the virus was created. First, one of Odo's doctors at Starfleet Medical, who was secretly working for Section 31, extracted a skin cell from him. Then, the cell was mutated into the virus by exposing the cell to barion radiation.

How does Odo get sick?

Odo was unaware he was carrying the virus when he linked with Laas in DS9: "Chimera". ... Then, the cell was mutated into the virus by exposing the cell to barion radiation. According to the same script, Odo was immune thanks to his body's natural resistance.

What did Odo tell Worf about the begotten?

Odo explains that it is a Changeling and excuses himself, causing Worf to look uncertainly at his own drink. Back in the science lab, Odo explains with wonder to the infant that it is a Changeling, a shapeshifter, and that it could be anything – a Tarkalean hawk soaring through the sky, or a Filian python burrowing deep beneath the ground.

How did Odo get his powers back in Star Trek?

In a battle with a "Changeling" Spy, Odo ended up killing him and thus breaking the most important rule of the "Changelings" (no Changeling had ever hurt another). He was punished by being changed by the "Great Link" into becoming a "solid". He regained his powers in the process of trying to save a dying "Changeling".

Why is Odo rarely shifted into smaller forms?

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Millennium series of novels, it is revealed that Odo rarely shifted into smaller forms such as insects due to a psychological block from his original "training" under Doctor Mora.

How often does Odo return to his gelatinous form?

As a changeling who chooses to retain solid form most of the time, he must return to his gelatinous natural state every 16 hours of the 26-hour Bajoran day to regenerate, and appears to need no more than an hour's rest; the cycle rarely varies, and he feels no need to stay gelatinous any longer than needed.

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