Is Serpent and Dove LGBT?

Is Serpent and Dove LGBT?

Is Serpent and Dove LGBT?

SERPENT & DOVE is primarily a romance, but hear me out on this. The main female lead is a former witch who's fleeing her coven and living as a street rat. The main male lead is a religious zealot slash captain of the witch hunters–someone who's literally sworn oaths to kill all witches.

Is there romance in Serpent and Dove?

A warning for the youngins or for anyone not comfortable with it: there is an explicit sex scene. Kinda like ACOMAF. The romance is a big part of this story but Lou has a part to play in the war between humans and witches and we're always made aware of what could happen if Lou's enemies were to find her.

Is Dove a serpent or ya?

Publisher. Serpent & Dove is a YA fantasy novel and the first book in a trilogy written by author Shelby Mahurin.

Should I read Serpent and Dove?

Serpent & Dove has been a delight to read. If you're a fan of dark magic, fight scenes or enemies-to-lovers romance plots then this is certainly a book you should pick up. It has also been received very well by readers globally and was even chosen to be Barnes & Noble's YA Book Club novel of October.

Is Serpent and Dove age appropriate?

Talk to your kids about ... This book is marketed as young adult but will attract adult readers as well.

Is Lou a girl in Serpent and Dove?

Louise "Lou" le Blanc is a Dame Blanche, and the current La Dame des Sorcières.

Who does Lou end up with in Serpent and Dove?

When Lou and Reid end up in a scuffle, the only way to save Reid's reputation is for the two to be married. Unbeknownst to him, he just married a witch. The two have a difficult marriage at first, as their morals did not align, but the two soon began to fall in love.

Does Lou die in Serpent and Dove?

She tried to talk him into returning to the infirmary, but instead, he attacks her and is ultimately killed by Reid in an attempt to protect Lou. Lou realizes that Monsieur Bernard was bewitched by her mother to find her.

Does Coco die in Serpent and Dove?

Morgane overpowers Coco and she collapses to the floor. She is barely conscious when Ansel and Beau find her and drag her into safety next to Reid and Lou - the latter having had her throat slashed by Morgane but being rescued by Reid when he traded the Archbishop's life for Lou's.

Does Serpent and Dove end on a cliffhanger?

I must say that I am so happy that I read Serpent & Dove. ... I enjoyed reading it a whole lot. Though I had not noticed that there would be second book, and now I'm so impatient to know what will happen next, haha. The ending is not really a cliffhanger, but it is filled with things revealed and bad things coming.

Is the book Serpent and Dove a good book?

It’s safe to say that Serpent & Dove is a wonderfully written book that will please fans of magic, witches, and an excellent enemies-to-lovers romance. There’s a lot of suspense to keep you emerged in the story, and I love how we get to see two completely different viewpoints.

Who are the main characters in serpent and Dove?

The most notable side-characters are Coco and Ansel. Coco is Lou’s best friend, and also a witch, though from a different coven. She’s a real good friend, always sticking out for Lou. Ansel is part of the Chasseurs, but still in training. He looks up to Reid but is more open-minded and perceptive.

Is there such thing as enemies to lovers?

Enemies-to-lovers seems like it would be a straight forward trope, but it isn’t. There are many types of enemies, many types of love, and many types of betrayal that go along with said trope. When you take into account the other tropes alongside it, the dynamic changes significantly.

Is there a sequel to serpent and Dove?

Serpent & Dove has continuing twists and turns where you least expect them, which keeps you on your toes when reading or listening. The ending was just perfect and raised some new questions that I hope will be answered in the sequel Blood & Honey.

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