What episode does Orson die?

What episode does Orson die?

What episode does Orson die?

Orson Hodge
First appearance"Don't Look at Me" 2x19, Ap
Last appearance"She Needs Me" 8x15, Ma
Created byMarc Cherry

How does Orson die on Desperate Housewives?

sleeping pill overdose Cause of death: He died of a sleeping pill overdose, but he was counting on Bree to save his life. Too bad for him she had just learned that Williams was responsible for her husband's death, and although she told him she called the ambulance, she didn't and instead watched him die in a hotel room.

What happened to Orson Hodge in the end?

Edie tells her that Orson is lonely and Bree is to selfish to not visit him. Bree finally goes to see Orson and they catch up. After three years of being in prison, Orson is released.

What happened to Xiao Mei baby?

When Xiao-Mei gives birth, doctors discover that they had accidentally switched the Solis' embryo with another couple's and the Solis' embryo was not successfully inseminated. Xiao-Mei moves out and Gabrielle and Carlos are left without a child. Despite this, their divorce proceedings become complicated and vindictive.

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