Who is Yasmin Le Bon married to?

Who is Yasmin Le Bon married to?

Who is Yasmin Le Bon married to?

Simon Le Bonm. 1985 Yasmin Le Bon/Spouse

Who is Simon Lebon married to?

Yasmin Le Bonm. 1985 Simon Le Bon/Spouse Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon has been married to supermodel Yasmin Le Bon since 1985. The couple have three daughters and have even worked together: Yasmin is part of a group of models who star in the music video for Duran Duran's song "Girl Panic."

Is Yasmin Le Bon a grandmother?

At 54, she is a young grandmother, but Yasmin Le Bon has a habit of arriving at these milestones early. She was 20 when legend has it that Simon Le Bon, then at peak Duran Duran fame, spotted her on the cover of a magazine. They married in December 1985 when she was only 21, and Amber was born when Yasmin was 24.

How did Simon Le Bon meet Yasmin?

It was during a photo session in mid 1984 with photographer Mike Owen that Simon Le Bon, one of the biggest rock stars in the world at the time, saw a cover image of model Yasmin Parvaneh in his portfolio, fell in love with her smile, and decided, in his words, "I had to have her." He asked Owen for her number, who was ...

How rich is John Taylor?

John Taylor net worth: John Taylor is an English musician and bass guitarist who has a net worth of $30 million. Born in Solihull, Warwickshire on J, Taylor is known to many as the bass guitarist for New Wave band Duran Duran.

What is Yasmin Le Bon net worth?

Currently, Yasmin Le Bon sits on a staggering net worth of $60 million.

How old is Nick Rhodes?

59 years (J) Nick Rhodes/Age

How old is Yasmin Le Bon?

56 years (Octo) Yasmin Le Bon/Age

Is Yasmin Le Bon Iranian?

Le Bon was born in Oxford in 1964, the youngest child of an Iranian father and English mother. She was 18 when she walked into Models 1. ... People had told me I should be a model my whole life, but I didn't take it seriously until then." Within a week, she was working. Within two years, she was a supermodel.

How old was Simon Le Bon when he married Yasmin?

It's one of the most enduring marriages in the wild world of music: Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon and OG super-model Yasmin Parvaneh, married 34 years as of Decem. Parvaneh was just 20 years old when she first connected with Le Bon, who according to legend had tracked the model down after seeing her in a magazine.

How old is Yasmin Le Bon the supermodel?

It is quite surreal to watch Yasmin and Simon Le Bon in grandparent mode. Yasmin, the 53-year-old supermodel, burps daughter Saffron's baby son, Taro, over her Stella McCartney-clad shoulder.

How many daughters does Simon Le Bon have?

IT'S no wonder Simon Le Bon is a happy man. His band Duran Duran is cooler than ever, he's sold 80 million records, has three beautiful daughters and is blissfully happy with his model wife - who is just as stunning as when they met in 1984.

When did Yasmin Le Bon do the Oxfam show?

Yasmin Le Bon at the Oxfam Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk Show during London Fashion Week in February 2019. Pic: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

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