Is Lily and James still together from unexpected?

Is Lily and James still together from unexpected?

Is Lily and James still together from unexpected?

So, it's safe to assume that they are still together. Fans are happy to see that this couple seems to be doing well and they still have an adorable little family. During Season 1 of the show, Lilly revealed she wanted more kids. Now, she has two, but she may want more in the future.

Is anyone still together from unexpected?

Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson of TLC's Unexpected seem to be one of the strongest couples featured on the show. ... The couple first featured on the show during Season 3. Now, they have returned for the show's fourth season. When Season 4 kicked off, the pair was still together.

Is McKayla and caelan still together?

After initially putting an end to their marriage plans, Caelan and McKayla seemed to resolve their issues and moved into their own house. ... McKayla then moved back into her grandparents' house, leaving Caelan by himself. Ultimately, the two of them broke up.

Are Laura and Tyler still together unexpected?

Laura ended up getting married to Tylor, and the pair moved to California, as Tylor decided to join the Navy. The duo then welcomed their second child in 2019. Soon after, however, they went their separate ways.

Is James really the father of Lily's baby unexpected?

Unexpected season 1 star James Kennedy shares a daughter with ex-girlfriend Lilly Bennett. He was overwhelmed by the pressures of teen parenthood. ... He became a father when he was just a teenager.

Who was Lily's first baby daddy on unexpected?

When Season 4 of Unexpected premiered on TLC, viewers were introduced to some new young parents, but Lilly Bennett, an OG of the series, came back with another pregnancy and another baby daddy. Fans who followed her first foray into motherhood met her ex, James Kennedy, back in Season 1.

Why was Reanna fired from unexpected?

One of the most common beliefs among fans is that Reanna and Taron violated the terms of their NDA, which resulted in them being removed from the rest of the season. ... Other fans suggest they were removed because they didn't appear for the filming of the tell-all episode at the end of the season.

Are Max and Chloe still together 2020?

No, they are not. Chloe and Max decided to call it quits on their relationship in early February 2020. The couple had been living together in an apartment in Tempe, Arizona, but after Max relapsed in late January after being sober for five months, Chloe decided that she had had enough and kicked him out.

Why did Lily and James break up unexpected?

Despite him giving Lilly a promise ring, the couple broke up. Lilly's mother warned her not to put his last name on their daughter's birth certificate because she did not think he would stick around. ... See a recent pic of the daughter he shares with Lilly below, via Lilly Bennett's IG.

What happened to Michaela from unexpected?

According to McKayla's Instagram, she's now engaged to her boyfriend Ethan, who proposed to the former TLC reality star shortly after the couple's one-year anniversary in April. In an Instagram post, McKayla thanked her partner for his patience and empathy throughout their brief but meaningful relationship.

Who are the couples on the show unexpected?

Each season of Unexpected follows teen couples as they get ready to welcome babies. Like MTV's 16 & Pregnant, the TLC series also features the couples' extended family members as they adapt to the pregnancy news themselves. During the third season, viewers were introduced to Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau, who were expecting a baby girl.

Is the couple from TLC unexpected still together?

Image: TLC Unexpected's Instagram Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson were one of the couples who made fans believe that they would continue to have a strong relationship. In Season 3, the couple made their first appearance and announced expecting a baby girl.

Who is still together from Unexpected Season 4?

Are Jenna and Aden From 'Unexpected' Still Together? They've Had Serious Issues When Season 4 of Unexpected kicked off on TLC, avid viewers thought they'd already seen it all — that is, until fans were introduced to Jenna and Aden.

Who are Tyra and Alex from unexpected still together?

The series follows the lives of teenage pregnancies, as couples navigate through becoming parents for the first time ever. Tyra and Alex are amongst the couples captured on camera this series, and now viewers are hoping to get the lowdown on their relationship status.

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