Can you get a bachelor's degree at Tallahassee community College?

Can you get a bachelor's degree at Tallahassee community College?

Can you get a bachelor's degree at Tallahassee community College?

Bachelor of Science (B.S.N.)

Can you get a bachelor's degree at a community college in Florida?

Presently, 23 states allow community colleges to award bachelor's degrees. In most states — with the exception of Florida and Washington — four or fewer colleges provide bachelor's programs.

Can you get a four year degree at TCC?

Tidewater Community College's academic programs and offerings ensure that you can get a degree, earn credits and transfer to a 4-year institution, enhance your career — or just learn something new. ... If you don't, TCC offers 8 guided pathways, making it simple to plan and follow an academic path to your career success.

How many credit hours are needed for a bachelor's degree?

120 credits A bachelor's degree takes 120 credits, which is around 40 courses. Typically, earning a bachelor's degree takes 4 years, but depending on your previous education and whether you're a full- or part-time student, it may take a shorter or longer length of time.

Is an associate's degree worth it?

If you're deciding between no higher education degree at all and an associate degree, the answer is, quite simply, “Yes; getting an associates degree is worth it!” If you are hoping to break into a professional field and want to raise your job prospects, getting an associate degree is going to serve you much better ...

What is the highest degree in a community college?

Associate Degree Many students begin their postsecondary education at a community college, and then transfer to a four-year institution in order to get a Bachelor's Degree. According to the U.S. News & World Report, the highest degree offered by most community colleges is the Associate Degree.

What can you do at Tallahassee Community College?

Ignite Your Career. Explore Your Degree Options. Nursing, R.N., A.S. (2103) TCC Named One of the Top 10 Colleges in the Nation!

Are there any online degree programs at TCC?

TCC offers online programs in five in-demand degree programs for our students. These programs offer students the flexibility desired while delivering a fulfilling college experience. Click on any of the degree programs below to learn more.

Are there any community colleges in South Florida?

Miami Dade and Broward College. In southern Florida, two community colleges are also hopping on the bachelor's degree bandwagon. According to a report at the Miami Herald, both Miami Dade and Broward College will begin offering additional bachelor's degree programs to their students, after seeing success with their initial degree options.

What kind of degree can you get at Community College?

Students at the college can extend their education after their associate degree and earn either a bachelor of science in radiologic and imaging sciences or a bachelor of science in electrical and computer engineering technology.

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