How do you beat Malphite as Nasus?

How do you beat Malphite as Nasus?

How do you beat Malphite as Nasus?

To have the best chance of beating Malphite as Nasus, you should take the Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, Last Stand, Demolish, and Second Wind runes. Of all the rune sets players used for Nasus vs Malphite face-offs, this set of runes yielded the best win rate.

What should I have in Teemo vs nasus?

In Teemo against Nasus games, Teemo’s team is 2.

Who is the best counter to nasus in RuneScape?

Teemo is notoriously known as one of Nasus’s biggest counters. For good reason too. If you know how to lane, build and teamfight against a Nasus as Teemo, you’ll know why he counters him. Nasus’s abilities are simple enough.

What's the best way to counter Teemo in RuneScape?

Teemo doesn’t have much of a teamfight presence, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: Soaking up damage for your teammates, proccing Phase Rush for mobility, withering and Q stacking their carries. To counter Teemo as Nasus, all you need to do is survive the first 10 levels without losing too much farm, and build accordingly.

What does Teemo do in the top lane?

In essence, Teemo is everything a Nasus doesn’t want to play against in the top lane. He has early damage, high movement speed, kite potential, range and the worst of all: A blind. Teemo’s blind will be the peril of your Q stacks. Everytime you are about to get 12 stacks off a large minion he’ll say ‘nope’ and Q you.

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