Does Telstra offer concession?

Does Telstra offer concession?

Does Telstra offer concession?

Telstra offers holders of eligible Pension Concession Cards, issued either by Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or the Department of Veterans' Affairs, a 'Telstra Pensioner Discount' on their eligible fixed line service. The discount includes: A discounted service connection charge.

Do pensioners get discount on Internet?

There are some great NBN options available for seniors, with telcos offering exclusive deals and discounts. ... 10Mates $10 pensioners discount on all NBN and internet and phone bundles. Westnet Seniors-Card holders $39.

Do pensioners get telephone discount?

If you have a Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you might be eligible for the Government's Telephone Allowance, as included in the Pensioner Supplement or Seniors Supplement.

Do pensioners get a discount on NBN?

Seniors are eligible to receive $10 off per month on NBN 12 home phone and NBN bundles. Each of these packages include unlimited data, but the speeds are on par with a typical ADSL2+ connection which is a touch slower than we would recommend for a two person household.

Can I get a phone plan on Centrelink?

You might be eligible to receive the Centrelink Telephone Allowance to help you pay for your phone and internet connection. If you are eligible you can receive a payment from the Government of either $28.

What is ultimate voice with Telstra?

Voice Ultimate plan currently provided by Telstra to new customers costs $55 per month and this includes unlimited calls (with no connection fees)to Australian mobile phones.

Does Foxtel have pensioner discounts?

So, to answer the question of whether Foxtel still provides discounts for Seniors Card holders and pensioners – no, they don't.

Does Optus have pensioner discounts?

You can get discounts on the bus, discounts at the movies, on energy bills... But unfortunately, not with Optus mobile. That's right, Optus doesn't offer seniors or pensioner discounts on mobile phone plans.

Is there any financial help for pensioners?

Pension Credit is an income-related, tax-free benefit, made up of two parts: ... Savings Credit – This is an extra payment for older people who saved some money towards their retirement. It's only available to people who reached the State Pension age before 6 April 2016.

How does pensioner discount work with Telstra concession card?

"Pensioner Discount If you hold an eligible Pensioner Concession card, you can apply for the Telstra Home Phone Pensioner Discount. This provides you with a $15 Monthly Call Allowance which can be used for local calls, calls to 019 numbers, calls to 13 numbers, national calls to fixed lines, calls to Australian mobiles and International calls."

Are there any discounts for seniors with Telstra?

While Telstra does not exactly offer discounts for seniors, there’s a way that seniors and pensioners can still save money and this is by signing up for bundles. Telstra has been known to offer some of the best deals in bundling, especially when it comes to combining internet with entertainment.

Which is the best Telstra plan for pensioners?

Telstra’s prepaid mobile plans for pensioners Telstra offers real value when it comes to its prepaid phone plans. Some of its best prepaid phone plans for pensioners are: $30: 27GB data + 28 days expiry: Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.

How much does a Telstra Min plan cost?

Min Cost - $2,286 when you stay connected for 24 months, and may change if the month-to-month plan price changes. While Telstra does not exactly offer discounts for seniors, there’s a way that seniors and pensioners can still save money and this is by signing up for bundles.

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