Are Sora and Kairi a couple?

Are Sora and Kairi a couple?

Are Sora and Kairi a couple?

In a climactic moment, we learn that Kairi's heart has been inside of Sora the whole time, and he's been carrying them both. So they're not a couple in the dating sense, but they're more than friends. The interest is vaguely romantic, but in a childlike manner, not what we would consider a “couple.”

Who is in love with Sora?

Okay, so the most Canon love interest for Sora is presumably Kairi. He fights through thick and thin to rescue her, and he's always thinking about being with her.

What's the relationship between Sora and Kairi in Kingdom Hearts?

While cute and shippable, the Sora and Kairi pairing gives Kairi a lesser role in the action, and she deserves better than that. Listen, I’m not knocking Sora and Kairi (SoKai) shippers. I get it, there’s context out the wazoo for their canon confirmation. That being said, full Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers will follow.

What happens when Sora and Kairi share a paopu fruit?

According to local legend if two people share a paopu fruit "their destinies become intertwined". In Kingdom Hearts I, they are shown playing and talking together before their home falls to darkness. Kairi's heart rests inside Sora's while he goes on his adventure to find her.

How is Riku connected to Sora's heart?

As the Fairy Godmother relates, Riku’s heart is connected to Sora’s, as Riku has already leaped into Sora’s dreams. And yet, Riku’s the one out and about, while Kairi is knocked out cold.

Is it true that Sora and Shiro are in love?

No they are not. First off, they are siblings so that would be really weird. Sora has shown interest in dating and being romantically involved in other girls. It seems like Shiro is very clingy with him, but that’s because she has separation anxiety when she is away from her brother.

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