What is TexShare program?

What is TexShare program?

What is TexShare program?

TexShare is a program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in partnership with academic and public libraries in Texas. ... Individual libraries set their own guidelines pertaining to how many items can be checked out and for how long. You must go to the participating library to check out and return materials.

How do I use a TexShare card?

The first time you visit a library to use your TexShare Card, be sure to bring a photo ID, your library card from your home library, and your TexShare Card. You'll be asked to complete a registration form in order to activate your borrowing privileges at that library.

What is the purpose of TexShare databases?

TexShare Databases are e-resources licensed for the exclusive use of Texas libraries and their patrons. Start with TexShare for homework help, health or business information, academic journals, popular magazines, genealogy, or job and career development.

What is meant by inter library loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the process by which a library borrows material from, or supplies material to, another library.

What is the difference between interlibrary loan and document delivery?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides access to items not owned by TTUHSC, such as books or journal articles from other libraries. Document Delivery provides convenience PDF copies of journal articles or book chapters already owned or licensed by the TTUHSC libraries.

What is meant by Interlending?

: lending between one entity (such as a bank or a library) and another an increase in short-term interlending among banks the library's interlending program.

What is document delivery service?

Document delivery service (DDS) or document supply service “refers to the physical or electronic delivery of a document from a library collection to the residence or place of business of a library user, upon request.” The steps to be followed in providing DDS are: receipt and analysis of demand, identification and ...

How does library engage in interlibrary loan?

A borrowing library sends an owning library a request to borrow, photocopy, or scan materials that is needed by their patron. The owning library fills the request by sending materials to the borrowing library or supply a reason for why the request cannot be filled.

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