Is the Curly Girl Method worth it?

Is the Curly Girl Method worth it?

Is the Curly Girl Method worth it?

Results. Once you figure out the products and routine that works for you, the results of following the Curly Girl Method are pretty fantastic. I'm able to get frizz-free, well-defined curls with less effort than ever before. ... The Curly Girl Method has absolutely revolutionized how my curly hair looks, feels, and behaves ...

How long does Curly Girl Method take to work?

Give yourself at least three months on the system to really see how it works for you, and make sure to take progress photos along the way so you can both share your journey and see just how far your hair has come.

Does the Curly Girl Method work on everyone?

What products do I need for the Curly Girl Method? There's no single answer here, because everyone's hair type is different, and what works for someone's 4a coils isn't going to work for your 2a waves. Still, the most basic, basic of CGM products to start with are a gentle cleanser, a conditioner, and a gel (yes, gel).

Does Curly Girl Method work for straight hair?

In short, yes the Curly Girl Method can work for straight hair. Although you won't be able to magically get ringlet curls overnight, the method can certainly make your hair healthier and shinier and perhaps even add some waves.

Why I don't do the Curly Girl Method?


Why is the Curly Girl Method not working?

If you feel that the Curly Girl Method is not working and your curls still aren't forming, curl training can be the answer. This simply means taking sections of your hair when it is wet and twisting them with your fingers in the direction that they would naturally curl.

Will the Curly Girl Method make my hair curlier?

2 Answers. Your hair doesn't "get curlier" however, through the CG method, your hair reaches the maximum/optimum moisture level, and you know this has been achieved because your curls are more defined giving the "illusion" that your hair is curlier!

What's the best way to do the curly girl method?

For coily hair textures, the method recommends a wash-and-go, but if that isn't how you like to wear your hair, follow a technique that helps stretch your coils, but be sure to stay away from combs and silicones in your styling products.

What do you need to know about Curly Girl hair?

To Curly Girl experts, the Curly Girl Method involves understanding your hair’s porosity level, feeding your strands the correct amount of protein, and remembering a long list of sulphates and silicones to avoid like the plague.

Is the Curly Girl Method a CG safe product?

If you’re new to the method, there’s a high likelihood that your current products are not CG-safe and that your eye isn’t trained to recognize the very specific list of ingredients that do or don’t make the cut. There are a few online ingredient checkers out there, such as CurlsBot and Is It CG?, but they’re not always fully up-to-date or reliable.

Is the curly girl method the same as DevaCurl?

Bianca is a contributing writer for Byrdie specializing in natural hair. If you're a fan of DevaCurl products or have been to a Devachan Salon, you're likely familiar with the Curly Girl Method. In fact, it's Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Method that morphed into the DevaCurl Salons we know and love.

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