Should your footer be in your body?

Should your footer be in your body?

Should your footer be in your body?

Since the footer is a visible piece of your site, it should go within the body.

Does header go in head or body?

No. -tags mark the header of arbitrary sections on your site. Don't confuse them with the website's section that contains scripts, meta-tags, etc. -tags belong into the -tag.

Where does the footer go in HTML?

The HTML element is an HTML5 element that is found within the tag.

Where does the footer go on a page?

The footer, rather than staying at the bottom of the page where we would want it to stay, rises up and leaves a blank space beneath it. For a quick fix, you can absolutely position the footer at the bottom of the page.

What happens if footer is not inside BODY tags?

Surely if the footer is not inside the body tags, the HTML is invalid and the footer should be moved. If you just want a normal footer then add this: If you want a fixed positioned footer then don’t bother as your footer is too tall and would cover half your page (much like it does now except it would do it all the time)

How to make your footer end before your body?

Make sure that, if your footer is not inside your body tags, that you specify a "padding-bottom: <amount>px;" to your body that is the height of your footer. This does mean your footer needs to be fixed height. This will make sure that your body ends BEFORE the part where the footer starts.

Where does contact information go in a footer element?

Tip: Contact information inside a <footer> element should go inside an <address> tag. The <footer> tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML. The <footer> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML. Most browsers will display the <footer> element with the following default values:

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