Are metal file cabinets fireproof?

Are metal file cabinets fireproof?

Are metal file cabinets fireproof?

Unfortunately, metal or steel file cabinets are not fireproof. The cabinet itself might not burn, but steel or metal is an awful insulator. If it's hot on the outside of the cabinet, it will be hot on the inside as well. Some cabinets, however, are fire-resistant, not fireproof.

Do filing cabinets burn in a fire?

Fireproof Steel Filing Cabinets Fireproof simply means that the cabinets are less likely to burn or to cause the items held inside to burn in the event of a fire. ... However, it does not insulate these items from the intense heat that a fire can generate which can be as high as 600 degrees Celsius.

Are there fireproof file cabinets?

FireKing provides a full line of fireproof file cabinets and safes to fit every filing requirement, every space constraint, and every budget. For over 60 years, FireKing has been protecting vital information throughout the world. All FireKing filing cabinets are manufactured in the USA.

What makes a cabinet fireproof?

Fireproof cabinets are cabinets made of materials which withstand heat and fire, generally steel or stainless steel. They are used to protect the materials inside from the effects of fire, as well as contain any materials which may cause fires.

What metal is a filing cabinet made of?

galvanized steel Metal file cabinets are typically made of galvanized steel and are the most durable option.

Are filing cabinets waterproof?

FireKing files are water resistant. Designed to help prevent water damage to contents from sprinklers and hoses. Standing water, however, is a different matter. File cabinets that experience a flood or other situation will fill with water.

Are Hon filing cabinets fire resistant?

This HON 4 Drawer Fireproof Locking File Cabinet is in excellent condition and retails for over $2,800. Rating Class 350 - 1HR Fire and Impact Resistant.

How heavy are fireproof cabinets?

To further boggle the mind, if the filing cabinet is fireproof -- up to 800 pounds empty -- it could weigh about 1,400 pounds full. So, a full filing cabinet weighs a lot, no matter how many drawers it has.

What is a fireproof cabinet used for?

What are fireproof cabinets and why are they important for my business? A fireproof filing cabinet is made with special material and finishes to keep vital documents safe in the event of a fire or other catastrophe.

Are there any file cabinets that are fire resistant?

No, file cabinets are not fireproof. Most filing cabinets are made from steel, which is a horrible insulator. Nonetheless, there are many fire-resistant file cabinets that are rated to withstand various fire temperatures for a given period of time.

Can a metal file cabinet catch on fire?

Therefore, the contents of a normal metal file cabinets can easily burn because there are papers (which can fuel the fire) and air (oxygen that keeps the fire lit). Because fire-retardant materials are costly, most file cabinets offer little to no protection from direct exposure to fire. This means that metal cabinets do burn.

What kind of material are file cabinets made of?

Generally, a file cabinet is uniformly made of 18-gauge steel. While you can find specialized versions of filing cabinets made from oak, the most common material used to make them is steel. The bottom of the file cabinet case may or may not be enclosed. Metal or steel file cabinets are built to last.

Which is the best security company for file cabinets?

FireKing Security Group's high-performance Card-Check-Note File Cabinets provide the greatest security for your most precious commodities. No matter what you need to protect, you'll get the perfect fireproof protection solution.

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