Is it true that the Earth is re-fueling itself?

Is it true that the Earth is re-fueling itself?

Is it true that the Earth is re-fueling itself?

If the Russians are right, oil regenerates deep within the Earth and there is no looming fuel shortage. If the fossil fuel theorists are right, then oil is a finite commodity and the pumps will run dry within a few decades. This being the case, the price of just about everything will shoot up.

Does the Earth replenish oil?

That source of hydrocarbons seeps up through the earth's layers and slowly replenishes oil sources. In other words, it turns the fossil-fuel paradigm upside down. [Read: How Much Oil is There?]

Is it inevitable that the Earth will run out of oil?

Even if Earth does contain far more oil than currently thought, it's inevitable that reserves will one day run out. Scientists disagree sharply, however, on when that will occur.

Is the Earth really an oil producing machine?

This information backs up the idea that Earth is actually an oil-producing machine. We call energy sources such as crude oil and natural gas fossil fuels based on the assumption that they are the products of decaying organisms, maybe even dinosaurs themselves. But the label is a misnomer.

Where does the oil in the Earth come from?

Every 10-year-old knows that oil comes from the decomposed remains of dinosaurs, a theory first floated by Russian scholar Mikhailo Lomonosov in 1757. According to this theory, rock oil forms over millions of years from the action of heat and pressure on animal remains buried in sediment.

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