How do I order books from NYPL?

How do I order books from NYPL?

How do I order books from NYPL?

You may also order by calling 212-206-5400, faxing (212-206-5418), emailing [email protected], or writing a letter to the library. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number with the order.

How do I borrow an eBook from NYPL?

Checking out e-books through Overdrive

  1. Search for a title, author, subject, or keyword, or you can browse titles by subject on
  2. When you are browsing titles a blue “available” banner on the cover of an item indicates that it is available to borrow. ...
  3. Click Borrow under the title of the book you want.

Does NYPL use Libby?

This includes checkouts through the Library's main e-reader app, SimplyE, as well as through other apps used to access NYPL e-books, such as Overdrive/Libby and Cloud Library.

Can simply e-books be read on Kindle?

No. SimplyE is a mobile app for use on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices only. If I borrow eBook and eAudiobook titles using the OverDrive/Libby or Axis 360 app, will they show up in SimplyE?

How many books can you borrow NYPL?

You may check out up to 50 items* at a time with your NYPL Card, including a maximum of 10 DVDs.

Is there a Netflix for books?

BookLender is often referred to as the "Netflix for Books" Started around the time Netflix started nearly 12 years ago, BookLender provides unlimited online book and/or audiobook rental service to its members who enjoy the same savings, selection and convenience that Netflix provides for DVD movies.

Is there a free ebook library?

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online. ... Thousands of volunteers digitized and diligently proofread the eBooks, for you to enjoy.

How many books can I borrow on Libby?

How many titles can I check out at once? You can check out up to 25 titles at one time.

Are there free magazines in the New York public library?

The New York Public Library offers hundreds of magazines and newspapers online for free! You can download the latest issue of Newsweek on your phone or read The New York Daily News on your tablet. Below is a list of ten of the most popular newspapers and magazines that NYPL offers in digital format.

What can I do with my New York public library card?

All you need is your New York Public Library card. Get the latest celebrity news. Available through Flipster. Keep current with news and photography. Available through Flipster. Get coverage of all your favorite sports. Available through Flipster. Get healthy with the best nutrition and wellness news. Available through Flipster.

Where can I get newspapers in New York?

If you still want more we have plenty of other newspapers and periodicals available through our databases. Explore Global Newsstream, Gannett Newsstand, The Vogue Archive, or the National Geographic Virtual Library. All you need is your New York Public Library card. Get the latest celebrity news.

Where can I get the New York Post?

The New York Post, The Daily News, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, El Diario, Metro, and Chicago Tribune are all available through PressReader. USA Today is available through Gannett Newsstand.

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