When was the last time the original cast of Hamilton performed?

When was the last time the original cast of Hamilton performed?

When was the last time the original cast of Hamilton performed?

Popular on Variety. Hamilfans turned out in force for the July 9 performance of Broadway smash “Hamilton,” the last show before the departure of three of the cast's key players — creator-star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr. (who won a Tony for his performance as Aaron Burr) and Phillipa Soo.

Why does Hamilton reuse actors?

A handful of characters were double casted in the broadway production of Hamilton, playing on the similar relationships to Alexander, and creating a deeper level to the show for those who pick up on it. ... In order to amplify these similarities, he purposefully casted the same actor or actress to play both characters.

How much did the original cast of Hamilton make?

That said, there is confirmation that each main cast member made at least $3,400 a week for their actors' salaries (and even more after a crucial deal was signed.) According to The New York Times, Broadway actors make a union-mandated minimum of $1,900 a week, which would amount to $116,300 a year.

Is the play Hamilton overrated?

Firstly, Hamilton isn't overrated in the slightest. It does enjoy a level of hype that almost no other Broadway musical can hope to match, but there are good reasons for that. ... Hamilton also came along as the right show at the right time, too.

Who are the original cast members of Hamilton?

The original cast of Hamilton with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Philippa Soo, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., Renee Goldsberry and friends has since moved on and expanded their careers elsewhere. You could probably find them performing in other productions, but not Hamilton.

Who are the actors that are leaving Hamilton?

He will turn over the reigns of Alexander Hamilton to his alternate, Javier Muñoz, who will step into the title role on July 11. Miranda will depart the show on July 9. Phillipa Soo (Eliza Schuyler) and Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr) will also take their final bows that night, which marks the end of all three of their contracts.

When was the last performance of Hamilton on Broadway?

Now. Earlier in the day, to commemorate their last performance Miranda, Soo and Odom shared goodbyes on social media. Miranda, the Tony award-winning Broadway musical’s creator and star, shared a note he wrote while composing “Hamilton” with the caption, “An FB status update from 5 years ago today.”

Where was the original Broadway cast of Hamilton filmed?

It won 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, a Pulitzer Prize and a Kennedy Center Honor. The filmed staged version, which was shot at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway in 2016, features the entirety of the principal original cast and debuted on the streaming service Disney+ on July 3.

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