How much does silver engraving cost?

How much does silver engraving cost?

How much does silver engraving cost?

According to, a jewelry engraving service, provides its services for anywhere from $10 to $15....
ItemAverage Price
First line of text, about 30 characters$5 to $10
Additional lines of text$5 to $10

How long has Timpson engraving been in business?

We have been engraving a wide range of products in our stores for over fifty years. From a hand engraver in the ‘70s to the top of the range computer engravers that we now use our business keeps moving with the times. We sell a wide range of gifts in-store and can engrave most the same day or you can design and order online here.

Can You engraving a key fob with a Timpson?

Timpsons would be great for engraving something onto a key fob but I am doubtful their tools or their handicraft would be delicate or exact enough to look OK on jewellery, the skill of engraving isn't something taught overnight.

How much does it cost to engrave an item?

We can engrave most items as long as they will fit in to our engraving machine, the cost to engrave will depend on what item you need engraving and how much engraving is necessary. If you take your item in to your local store they can have a look and advise.

How long does it take to get a letter from Timpson?

Yes! We post worldwide. Where possible we use 'International Small Packet Rate' this usually takes between 7-10 days. For larger packages we use 'Parcelforce' these can take between 10 and 21 days. How do you size the engraving on an item? For slate signs we use set sizes of 1", 1.

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