Why was treant form removed?

Why was treant form removed?

Why was treant form removed?

They could have just let you dps in tree form, but the fact so many people not only hate the way tree looks, and no one gets to see druid gear was probably the breaking point. We're really the only spec that our form didn't make much sense, so they decided to remove it.

What does druid tree form do?

Tree of Life Form (or often nicknamed Tree Form, Healing Form or Treant Form) is a druid spell in the Restoration tree. It requires 30 points (was 41 points) and is a primary talent for resto specs. While shapeshifted, the druid gains immunity to polymorph effects but is considered an elemental.

How do you get a druid treant form?

It is learned from Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form. It requires you to be level 40 to be used. It is purchasable from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade and Amurra Thistledew in the Dreamgrove for 50 gold.

Can you cast regrowth in Tree of Life?

You can cast regrowth in tree form. It is a HoT, so it can be cast. You can also cast Omen of Clarity, Nature's Swiftness, Rebirth, and Lifebloom. ... Regrowth is worth using now since you get both the +healing and the mana cost is a lot lower in Tree of Life, so the loss of HT in tree form does not bother me.

Can you remove treant form?

Customer Support can't assist with removing the Treant and Stag forms learned from Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form and Tome of the Wilds: Stag Form. These are permanent changes to your character. These do not affect your existing forms.

What does tree of life do wow?

Incarnation: Tree of Life (or often nicknamed Tree Form, Healing Form or Treant Form) is a level 40 Restoration druid talent. It allows the druid to temporarily shapeshift into the tree of life, increasing healing by 15% and armor by 120%, granting immunity to polymorph effects, and enhancing several spells.

Do Druids get tree form in Shadowlands?

Well yeah, druids draw their power from their shapeshift form. You don't see Guardian tanks tanking outside of bear form, or boomkins DPSing outside of moonkin form.

Can Druids turn into trees?

With tree shape the druid can assume the form of a bushy willow apparently growing from a spot where the water table is high, the goblins will know no better. In savanna/woodland conditions the tree shape makes a great form for the nightly watch.

Is treant druid good?

With even one Treant in play this card is as good as Arcane Intellect, and it's pretty easy to make it even cheaper. Your game plan is basically to chip away at your enemy's health and try to get a board of Treants to stick.

How do I get Tome of the wilds?

You can purchase this tome from Amurra Thistledew in The Dreamgrove, or from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade. Tome of the Wilds: Stag Form teaches the Stag Form ability.

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