Are tung oil fumes toxic?

Are tung oil fumes toxic?

Are tung oil fumes toxic?

Tung oil is non toxic and doesn't contain VOCs, however people with allergies often report adverse reactions to contact with (or even the odor of) tung oil. Reactions can be severe in some cases(1).

Does tung oil have an odor?

The short answer is it will always smell...a little. When you use 100% Tung oil, it technically never "dries" so there will be some smell. This allows for a "refresh" costing of oil every once in a while.

How long does it take for tung oil to stop smelling?

Typically, the smell of the Tung Oil wears off around 2 weeks and then I ship it off, however, lately it's been lasting a lot longer, even months on some projects.

What kind of smell does tung oil have?

Tung oil also leaves a lingering smell, quoting: Tung oil produces a mildly disagreeable odor for a few days after it is applied. This odor lessens with time, however some find that it continues for quite some time afterwards.

Is it safe to use tung oil in liquid form?

In my assessment, tung is not as pungent when in liquid form, but they both offgas similar VOCs while curing. During oxidation, aldehydes and hydrocarbons offgas. Peroxides, alcohols, ketones and acids may also offgas during curing. (1).

When did the Chinese start using tung oil?

The earliest reference I can find to the use of tung oil is in the writings of Confucius around 500 B.C. The Chinese have used tung oil, also known as China wood oil, for at least 2500 years for wood finishing, wood waterproofing, caulking, inks and paints.

What's the difference between Tung oil and linseed oil?

For the chemically sensitive, both tung and linseed have odors that are stronger than some other finishes. The pungent smell of linseed comes mostly from the aldehydes (5). Do you Need to Add a Thinner to Linseed Oil?

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