Are street markets popular in your country ielts?

Are street markets popular in your country ielts?

Are street markets popular in your country ielts?

Definitely yes. Our country has a long tradition for street markets. There is usually from 1 to 2 street markets in every local community. ... I think people prefer shopping in the street markets to shopping in the supermarkets simply because the goods in the street markets are fresher and sold at more affordable prices.

What do street markets in your country sell?

Street markets are temporary public markets that sell different kinds of things . They are also called flea markets. Different kinds of goods can be sold such as fast food , fruits, vegetables, clothes and many more.

Is shopping popular activity in your country?

3) Is shopping a popular activity in your country? Yes, it's very popular. Saturday is the busiest shopping day, and lots of people treat shopping as a kind of leisure activity, rather than something practical.

Do people in your country enjoy going to open markets?

Answer: Yes, people in my country do enjoy going to open-air markets that sell various food, clothing items and old objects. In fact, most Indian markets traditionally are open-air street markets, apart from the “supermarkets” and “city markets” in some kind of building structures in the cities.

Can I use pencil in ielts?

Pencil is recommended for the IELTS Listening, Reading, and Writing tests. This is because tests are scanned and work best with pencil. It also means that you can easily erase and rewrite words. If you forget to bring a pencil, the test centre will provide one for you.

Do you like history ielts?

A. Yes, I do like history a lot. I read different history books whenever I get a chance, and important historic events often fascinate me as a reader. I'm passionate about learning important historical events and prominent personalities who have had changed the world we see today.

What are street markets?

A street market is an outdoor market such as traditionally held in a market square or in a market town, and often held only on particular days of the week. Very similar markets, or bazaars, can also be found in large enclosed spaces, instead of on a street.

Why is shopping such a popular activity ielts speaking?

To many people, shopping is a popular activity also because it the most convenient way to assuage most of their basic materialistic needs in this modern world. Q. 2. Online shopping is becoming popular especially among young people.

Why is shopping popular?

First, shopping can be a therapeutic experience. It is a great stress buster for many busy people. Secondly, the increased shopping activity will boost the economy and companies will produce better products at low prices to meet the needs of consumers. This will definitely create employment opportunities.

Do singers play an important role in your country?

Answer: As in any other culture, singing is an important part of my culture as well primarily because it helps us express our feelings and emotions unlike anything else.

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