Are subcontracting plans required?

Are subcontracting plans required?

Are subcontracting plans required?

Federal contractors are required to maintain an acceptable subcontracting plan if they are an other than small business (including all subsidiaries and affiliates, both foreign and domestic) and the estimated dollar value of the base contract and all option periods exceeds, or is expected to exceed, $750,000.

What is a subcontracting plan?

The subcontracting plan is a document that is typically incorporated into your contract with your customer. • Statutory requirements: required in support of. federal/state/local government contracts. • Corporate policy – internal goals set by the. corporation.

What factors are necessary to get on the GSA Schedule?

Getting GSA Schedule approved

  • At least 2 years in business. Most GSA contracts can only be taken by established businesses that operate several years on the market.
  • Revenue of $100,000+/[Д1] per year. ...
  • The company is not in debt.
  • TAA compliance. ...
  • Specific requirements.

Do you have to synopsize GSA orders?

No requirement to synopsize - GSA Schedules have been synopsized at the contract level in FedBizOpps and satisfy the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act (Pub. Law 98-369) and FAR Part 5, Publicizing Contract Actions. Ordering activities “shall not” synopsize (see FAR 8.

Who approves a master subcontracting plan?

Master subcontracting plans shall be effective for a 3-year period after approval by the contracting officer; however, it is incumbent upon contractors to maintain and update master subcontracting plans. Changes required to update master subcontracting plans are not effective until approved by the contracting officer.

What is a DOD subcontractor?

A government subcontractor is defined by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 3.

How do you handle subcontractors?

5 Tips for Successful Use of Subcontractors to Manage Jobsites

  1. Put it in writing. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for both the subcontractor and your company. ...
  2. Train for customer service. Many subs lack the benefit of your experience with successful customer service. ...
  3. Pay properly. ...
  4. Evaluate. ...
  5. Take precautions.

How do I find my GSA contracts?

The shortcut to this page is features include:

  1. Access to information on millions of supplies (products) and services;
  2. Information on the latest Schedule Program changes, including a "News" area;
  3. Access to the complete list of all GSA and VA Schedules from the "View Schedule contracts" link;

How do you get approved for GSA?

How to Get a Contract

  1. Download the solicitation package. Download the latest revision (refresh) of the MAS Information Technology Solicitation. ...
  2. Prepare your offer. ...
  3. Submit your offer. ...
  4. GSA will review your offer. ...
  5. Maintain your contract.

What is the GSA Schedule?

GSA Schedule (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedule ) is a long-term governmentwide contract with commercial firms providing federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services at volume discount pricing.

Is there a way to subcontract to the GSA?

There are multiple ways to partner with other contractors to maximize your chances of selling to GSA. OSDBU provides guidance on the process of forming a partnership but does not provide direct oversight. Subcontracting allows small businesses to sell to the government by partnering with a business that is already on schedule.

What are the ordering procedures for GSA Schedule orders?

Ordering Procedures for Schedule Orders Ordering procedures for GSA Schedule contracts are prescribed at FAR Subpart 8.

What do you need to know about GSA vendor support?

Two elements help contractors and Contracting Officers ensure compliance with this requirement: 1) a Small Business Subcontracting Plan and 2) reports documenting subcontracting achievements. Based on company-wide subcontracting activity (both commercial and government-related)

When does the government not need a subcontracting plan?

Once a contractor’s commercial plan has been approved, the Government shall not require another subcontracting plan from the same contractor while the plan remains in effect, as long as the product or service being provided by the contractor continues to meet the definition of a commercial item.

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