Is the Tesseract reliable?

Is the Tesseract reliable?

Is the Tesseract reliable?

While Tesseract is known as one of the most accurate free OCR engines available today, it has numerous limitations that dramatically affect its performance; its ability to correctly recognize characters in a scan or image.

How does Tesseract measure accuracy?

Measuring OCR accuracy is done by taking the output of an OCR run for an image and comparing it to the original version of the same text. You can then either count how many characters were detected correctly (character level accuracy), or count how many words were recognized correctly (word level accuracy).

Does Google vision use Tesseract?

Google Vision, on the other hand, does not provide as much control over its configuration as Tesseract. However, its defaults are very effective in general. There are two distinct OCR models that are worth experimenting with: Text Detection model: detects and recognises all text on a provided image.

Why is OCR not accurate?

In some cases, OCR software cannot produce sufficiently consistent field confidence scores to establish an ordered list of answers that allow selection of a single confidence score threshold (where answers above the threshold are mostly accurate).

Can you train Tesseract?

Luckily, you can train your Tesseract so it can read your font easily.

How to improve accuracy of the Tesseract 2.0?

If we refer the this paper explaining the architecture of Tesseract 2.

How can image processing improve Tesseract OCR accuracy?

The Tesseract documentation contains some good details on how to improve the OCR quality via image processing steps. To some degree, Tesseract automatically applies them.

How to tell Tesseract to write an image?

It is also possible to tell Tesseract to write an intermediate image for inspection, i.e. to check how well the internal image processing works (search for tessedit_write_images in the above reference).

What is tesseract and what does it do?

Tesseract is an engine for optical character recognition (OCR). It’s an integral part of the text detection frameworks for mobile devices and Google spam algorithms. Being a command-line program with fully-featured API, Tesseract also holds great value for ordinary users.

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