Are checks safe to deposit?

Are checks safe to deposit?

Are checks safe to deposit?

The short answer is that mobile check deposit is as secure as your other online and mobile banking functions. This means if your bank is taking steps to protect your information, such as using encryption and enhanced security measures, then mobile check deposit should be protected in the same ways.

What to look for in a security check?

The front side of the Security Check features instructions that direct the check recipient to look for the hologram foil bar and the heat-reactive circle to ensure the check's authenticity.

What's the difference between regular and high security checks?

While regular checks have fewer basic security features, High Security checks are designed to deter fraud attempts, and can provide the protection you need. Here are four reasons you should make the switch today. 1. High-resolution borders and complex color patterns

What happens on the back of a security check?

Security Screen: The words "Original Document" will fade, distort or disappear if a check has been copied or scanned by traditional means. 11. Security Weave®: This pattern on the back of the check deters check fraud and makes it very difficult to duplicate.

Do you need to keep your checkbook in a safe place?

While it’s understandable that you’d want to keep your checkbook handy for paying bills, you should still keep it in a safe space, such as a locked desk drawer. Ditto for boxes of extra checks.

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