How are sections numbered in real estate?

How are sections numbered in real estate?

How are sections numbered in real estate?

Townships are divided into 36 sections numbered consecutively. Each section of 640 acres can be divided into halves and quarters called, get this, half sections and quarter sections. These divisions mean just that.

How is a section divided?

These divisions or Townships are numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their numbers are indicated by figures. ... Each Township…is divided into 36 squares, which are called Sections. These Sections are intended to be one mile, or 320 rods, square and contain 640 acres of land.

How many sections how many acres are in a section?

640 acres In U.S. land surveying under the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), a section is an area nominally one square mile (2.

How do you read township sections?

Sections in each township are numbered consecutively beginning with number 1 in the northeast corner of the township, and counting right to left then left to right and so on weaving back and forth through the sections of the township, and ending with number 36 in the southeast corner.

What is the shortest distance between section 1 and section 36?

What is the shortest distance between Section 1 and Section 36 in the same township? Four miles. The shortest distance from Section 1 to Section 36 is from the bottom of Section 1 to the top of Section 36, or four miles.

What is a section corner?

corner, section [USPLS]—A corner at the extremity of a section boundary.

Is a section of land 1 mile by 1 mile?

In traditional English land surveying, a section of land is nominally 1 square mile (2.

How long is a township on each side?

Each square, six miles by six miles is called a township. Townships are subdivided into SECTIONS. Since each township is six miles by six miles, township contains 36 square miles, each one forming a section. These are identified with a number based on their position.

What does section mean in US land surveying?

Section (United States land surveying) The legal description of a tract of land under the PLSS includes the name of the state, name of the county, township number, range number, section number, and portion of a section. Sections are customarily surveyed into smaller squares by repeated halving and quartering.

How is land divided in the PLSS system?

Simply put, the PLSS (also referred to as the system of rectangular surveys or rectangular survey system) divides land into 6- by 6-mile square parcels called townships. Townships are subdivided into 36 sections, each a mile square and containing 640 acres or as close to that amount as possible. Every survey has to start somewhere.

How are the 36 sections of a township numbered?

Township: 36 sections arranged in a 6 by 6 square, measuring 6 miles by 6 miles. Sections are numbered beginning with the northeast-most section (#1), proceeding west to 6, then south along the west edge of the township and to the east (#36 is in the SE corner). Range: Assigned to a township by measuring east or west of a Principal Meridian

How are six sections divided into six sections?

The standard way of doing this was to divide the land into sections. An area six sections by six sections would define a township. Within this area, one section was designated as school land.

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