How much is Anderson Tuftex carpet?

How much is Anderson Tuftex carpet?

How much is Anderson Tuftex carpet?

High-quality carpet may cost as much as $5 or more per square foot. Tuftex offers several different options. Many of its collections are available for around $2 to $4 per square foot. However, the brand also carries high-end products that cost up to over $15 per square foot.

Is Anderson Tuftex a Shaw product?

Anderson Tuftex | Shaw Floors.

Where is Anderson Tuftex made?

South Carolina Anderson Tuftex A/T's American-made hardwoods have been brought to life in South Carolina since 1946. Every board is hand scraped and hand stained by skilled craftsmen. Since 1969, the brand's carpets have been made in Southern California and stood out for color and design.

What is Anderson Tuftex carpet made of?

nylon Tuftex Carpet Collection The vast majority of Tuftex carpet is made from nylon whether it's from Stainmaster, continuous filament or Anso. If you're looking for carpeting that's coating in R2X and has an outstanding warranty, there are around 20 styles to choose from.

Is Tuftex a Shaw carpet?

Tuftex carpet is now called "Anderson Tuftex." Anderson is Shaw's premium hardwood brand, and Tuftex is their premium carpet brand. These brands are known for their inventive color, design, quality, and care for the environment.

Does Shaw own Anderson?

Shaw Floors, parent company of the venerable Anderson Hardwood and Tuftex brands, has announced plans to merge the two with the combined entity to be called Anderson Tuftex. The change is effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Is Anderson Tuftex waterproof?

Nothing compares to our patented, high-density core, which is dimensionally stable, 100% waterproof, resistant to heat damage, and easy to install.

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