How are seats at AT&T Stadium?

How are seats at AT&T Stadium?

How are seats at AT&T Stadium?

80,000 AT&T Stadium/Capacity

How many seats are in a row at AT&T Stadium?

How many seats are in a row at AT&T Stadium? Flat foor seating sections can have up to 30 seats per row. Main and Club Main Level Sections have up to 40 seats per row. Hall of Fame & Club Hall of Fame sections have up to 33 seats per row.

What does club level seating mean at AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium Club Seating All club levels will provide access to private entrances, premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage options, plus wider and padded seats. The 100 level club seats, AKA The Hall of Fame are located along the sidelines.

Which side is the home side at AT&T Stadium?

south side AT&T Stadium Information The south side of the field (Sections 109-112) is the home side and the north side (Sections 134-137) is the visitor's sideline. The seat numbers in all sections of AT&T Stadium run right to left from the perspective of a seated fan looking at the field of play.

What are the best seats in Cowboys Stadium?

The best family seats at AT&T Stadium are the 300 level sections at the northeast and southwest corners, which range from sections 341-343 and 316-318. Seats here keep you close to a family restroom, women's and men's room, and a number of concessions.

How much is it to rent a suite at Cowboys Stadium?

Dallas Cowboys suite rental prices can range from $10,000-$35,000 depending on suite level, suite location, and event date. The least expensive luxury boxes are typically the Star Suites, whereas the most expensive suites are on the Hall of Fame suite level, with the best suite views to the field.

How many seats are there at Angel Stadium?

It has a capacity of 45,483 for Angels games. If you are looking to avoid the California sun at an Angels game, we suggest sitting along the 3rd baseline in sections, or in the upper level behind home plate. Also, the last few rows of the field level seats will fall under the club level, which can be valuable if there is inclement weather.

Where are the MVP seats at Angel Stadium?

Located right behind home plate are the Diamond MVP Seats (row C), and Diamond Hall Of fame tickets in rows D-H provide access and amenities that no other seats offer (sections 114-122). Amenities include access to the Diamond Club Restaurant, as well as in seat wait service.

How to use the interactive seating map on Ticketmaster?

We weren’t kidding when we said it was easy. To get started, just click on a section of the map to zoom in on seats. Toggle left and right, and zoom in and out as you need to navigate around the venue. Simply hover over a seat to see the price details, and click a seat to select it.

Where is seat 1 in Section 8 on a plane?

Seat 1 in Section 8 is near the end of Section 9. So these seats are almost a full section and a half from yours. Your section 7 seats are on the aisle in the MIDDLE of section 7 not the end of the section. Seat 1 in Section 8 is by the end of Section 9.

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