What are good seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

What are good seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

What are good seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Super Seats These seats are considered to be the best seats in the bowl. Located in the center, there are only three sections of these seats; J1, H, and G1. Unlike boxes in other sections, these seats are stadium style and have cup holders.

How are the seats numbered at the Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl with Seat Numbers The standard sports stadium is set up so that seat number 1 is closer to the preceding section. For example seat 1 in section "5" would be on the aisle next to section "4" and the highest seat number in section "5" would be on the aisle next to section "6".

Is there lawn seating at Hollywood Bowl?

On the Hollywood Bowl Grounds Bring a towel or blanket because you might have to dine on the grass though. I've seen folks use up virtually every square foot of usable space to picnic on before popular shows. This is Picnic Area 7 at the top; an ideal picnic location – if you can find a spot.

Are Hollywood Bowl Super Seats worth it?

The Super Seats at Hollywood Bowl are among some of the best seats options for any show. They are located in the middle of the entire venue giving them a great viewing height and a perfect, centered view. ... Fans walking to their seats will have a little bit of a hike since everyone enters the venue from the bottom.

What is a Hollywood Bowl Super Seat?

The Hollywood Bowl Super Seats are known as the preferred section within the Hollywood Bowl because they are limited to only three sections in the central area of the amphitheater and are arranged in stadium-seating style for the lucky patrons who are able to reserve them. ...

What can you bring into the Hollywood Bowl?

You're welcome to bring your own food and drink* to the Hollywood Bowl. Bringing alcohol is dependent on the type of event you're attending. For LA Phil-presented events, feel free to bring wine bottles, wine glasses and beer bottles inside. *For Lease Events, however, alcohol isn't permitted.

How much are box seats at Hollywood Bowl?

How much do Hollywood Bowl Garden Box Tickets cost? Currently, tickets can start at $215.

Where are the accessible seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Accessible seating locations at the Hollywood Bowl include the following: Last row of Sections D, E, F1-3, G2/J2 and K1-3 (last two rows in section F3 and K3) Requests for a sign language interpreter can be facilitated through Accessibility Services at 323 850 2125. Advanced notice of 5 business days is requested.

Where can I buy tickets for the Hollywood Bowl?

Park & Ride tickets may be purchased in advance through calling Accessibility Services at 323 850 2125 (10AM-6PM), email, mail, fax, on our Getting Here page, on your concert's detail page, or through the Box Office. Holders of pre-purchased tickets are given priority when boarding the bus. Shuttle tickets may also be purchased in advance.

When does the Hollywood Bowl open for business?

If the seat is on an aisle the photo caption will have “-aisle” appended. Saturday, July 3rd - 7:30PM. There are no upcoming events. The Hollywood Bowl theater opens at 8am. Great wal Goodbye adhesive and missing box placards. Hello s Two weeks until the PJF. Time to plan the menu. #p Lots of box number plates have come unglued. Time

When does Bob Dylan play at the Hollywood Bowl?

Bob Dylan and His Band come to the Hollywood Bowl for one night under the stars with special guests Nathaniel Ratelliff & The Night Sweats + The Hot Club Of Cowtown on June 18. Tickets available this Friday, March 13 at 10am from http://LiveNation.com.

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