How bad is a category 5 cyclone?

How bad is a category 5 cyclone?

How bad is a category 5 cyclone?

Category five (severe tropical cyclone) Extremely dangerous with widespread destruction. A category five cyclone's strongest winds are VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds with typical gusts over open flat land of more than 280kph. These winds correspond to the highest category on the Beaufort scale, Beaufort 12 (hurricane).

What damage can a category 5 cyclone cause?

Category 5, the highest category. These storms cause complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings, and some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Collapse of many wide-span roofs and walls, especially those with no interior supports, is common.

Has there ever been a Category 5 cyclone?

They are by definition the strongest tropical cyclones that can form on Earth. ... The latest system to be classified as a Category 5 severe tropical cyclone was Veronica, which was classified during 21 March 2019 as it approached Western Australia.

What's the worst category cyclone?

A very intense tropical cyclone is the highest category on the South-West Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone scale, and has winds of over 115 knots (212 km/h, 132 mph)....Southwest Indian Ocean. Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale.
CategorySustained winds
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