How do I make my Lebara SIM active?

How do I make my Lebara SIM active?

How do I make my Lebara SIM active?

How to activate my Lebara SIM ?

  1. Pop the SIM in an unlocked handset.
  2. Your SIM is now active. If you purchased a SIM only plan or top up with your SIM, just make a call, send a text or use data.
  3. All done!

Does Lebara SIM card expire?

Has your SIM card expired? ... After 84 days with no usage or top-up, you'll need to get in touch with our customer services team to reactivate the SIM card. After 114 days with no usage or top-up, your SIM card will expire.

How do I check my balance on Lebara Australia?

You can check account balance in 3 ways:

  1. Send an SMS typing 'bal' to 126 172.
  2. Call 126 123.
  3. Log in to MyLebara at

How do I know when my Lebara Sim expires?

Simply open the Phone app, then dial *000# and tap the call button. You will see a popup message after a second displaying your remaining mobile balance, You will also see the expiry date, and related information e.g. your Lebara number.

What is Lebara customer service number?

0870 075 5588 We can be contacted via the following methods: by email at [email protected]; on a Lebara SIM Card by dialling 5588; by telephone on: 0870 075 5588 (calls to our customer service number 5588 are free, however calls from other networks or landlines are typically charged at the standard national rate applied by ...

How do you check if your SIM card is expired?

How to know if your Prepaid SIM Card expired? The easiest way to check the status of your prepaid sim card is by inserting your SIM to any mobile phones and if your prepaid SIM can still received signals or received a text message, your prepaid sim card should still valid.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

On most mainstream mobile networks, your credit will never expire providing your SIM card remains active. ... Your SIM card will be cancelled automatically if you haven't used it for a certain amount of time (between 84 days and 270 days depending on the network).

What happens when your SIM card expires?

Each SIM stays active for 60 days, after which it goes inactive. There is then a 60 days grace period, however, if you do not top up within this time the SIM will expire. This means, you will not be able to make or receive calls, including calls to emergency numbers.

Does Lebara have 5G?

Lebara Mobile customers will now be able to access Vodafone's 5G service. ... Our partnership with Vodafone will also provide some of the very latest innovations, such as 5G, at a time when connected devices are playing an increasingly central role in all our lives.

How can I check my mobile balance?

0:131:16How to check your balance - YouTubeYouTube

How can I Check my Lebara Phone Balance?

To check your balance, dial *#1345# and press the call button to see it onscreen or dial 5588 to listen to it. You can also see your balance when you log in to your MyLebara account online or via the app. Are you connected to our network? You should be able to see Lebara or Vodafone displayed on your phone screen.

What to do if your Lebara Sim has expired?

In a case where your Lebara SIM got expired, you can contact the Lebara customer service team at 1755 or 0576001755 to get support and help. They would direct you on how to regain Lebara services. Otherwise, you can get a new Lebara SIM from a nearby authorized store or placing an online order.

What happens if my Lebara card is not charged?

A chargeable activity is a call, SMS or mobile data use that deducts the amount from your current balance. If you do not recharge your Lebara SIM or undergo a chargeable activity, your Lebara SIM card will get expired and the service will get suspended.

How does Lebara Mobile work in the UK?

Across all of its plans, Lebara offers up calls to other countries at no extra cost - a feature not seen with other UK SIM only deals. Along with that, it offers low costs, 1-month rolling contracts and is one of the few networks that doesn't do credit checks. Want to know more about Lebara Mobile and see what kind of SIM plans it can offer?

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